Basics of living room rugs

Basics of living room rugs

We are well aware of the fact that rugs are an important part of today’s room decoration ideas. You can not neglect the rugs while decorating a room for you or for anyone else. But the major question regarding this factor is what kind of rugs you should get in order to decorate your room. Generally speaking, there are several factors you must take into consider while choosing a rug. But specifically speaking, we can say that a few major factors which you need to consider include size, texture, color, design and sense of style. Once you have the knowledge of these few factors, it is easier for you to choose a right rug for you. Otherwise, you will find it quite difficult to choose the right rug for your room or office.

Here are some of those factors which you need to be aware of, before going to buy a rug for you.

  • Size of rugs:

Size of rug matters a lot while choosing a rug for your room. Because we know very well that we may face problems in the future if we did not consider the size of rug while going for purchasing. So, first of all, you need to be clear about the size of your room before buying a rug. It is necessary to leave some bear space around the rug from all four sizes. You can leave as much space as it seems to be appropriate for you.

  • Patterned or simple:

When it comes to the question whether a rug should be patterned or simple, different people have different choices. It is up to you whether you choose a patterned or simple rug. It also depends upon the outlook of a room whether it is compatible with patterned or simple rug.

  • Washable or not:

It is also a worth considering factor, whether the rug you are going to buy is washable or not. In this case, washable rugs are preferred ones. The reason behind their preference is that they are easy to clean. Washable rugs are mostly made up of synthetic materials which are more resistant to the agitation and that is the reason why they are more durable and reliable. Washable rugs made up of natural materials like wool and silk are also available but they are not preferred due to their expensive nature.

  • Layering rugs:

If you have a vast room, then layering rugs can work better and help to define areas of your room. Layering in a masterly manner, helps you to give a refined definition of your room. It can be done in a better way by keeping a bare space of 10” -20” between the edges of rug and walls.

Right choice of rugs is an important aspect. You can only make the right choice when you are well aware of the basics mentioned in this article. That’s why before buying a rug for your room or office; keep in view the factors discussed above.