Benefits of going for micro-needling treatment

We must first examine how wounds naturally mend to understand how micro needling works and how it treats marks, acne, blackheads, wrinkling, and other irregularities we see daily. A micro needling physician from Clinique Anti Aging microneedling will begin the procedure by making little punctures near the areas of your face where improved skin is needed. The new skin, known as granulation tissue, starts to grow over the old tissue as a result of these tiny holes, which cause your body to pump red blood cells to build collagen. Your skin will regenerate when these little peaks are on the mend.

Advantages of facial microneedling

  • Microneedling is effective for treating scars

As a fantastic technique to repair your face with old scar tissues, doctors advise micro-needling for scars. Burnt scars, surgery scars, acne scars, UV exposure, skin discoloration, sagging skin, and big pores can all be treated with micro needling.

  • Acne can benefit from microneedling therapy

One of the most upsetting skin disorders that people might experience is acne. Microneedling could be the remedy for acne, including blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads. They eliminate the cause of buildup and allow your skin to repair as the needle makes minute holes in your skin. Your skin should look better after the surgery than it did before in terms of acne. Even while you can still have a tiny amount of acne, it will finally go away in the weeks that follow the therapy.

  • Skin texture is improved by micro needling

Microneedling can be the solution if you desire finer lines without drab skin. With new elastin and collagen growing during micro needling, the old, rough skin may be removed, resulting in an improvement in skin tone and texture. The terrible pigmentation problems might be reduced when treating fine lines appropriately. After a few weeks of recovery, your entire face will seem renewed.

  • Microneedling is good for reducing wrinkles and tightening the skin

In general, microneedling is safe for smoothing out wrinkles and firming up the skin. Microneedling is the solution if you want to safely and non-surgically remove wrinkles as you age.


Your go-to treatment option for all of the aforementioned problems is microneedling. Microneedling is a worthwhile investment because it helps to enhance your skin overall while also addressing any particular skin issues you might be experiencing.