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Exams are an important part of life. They are conducted to evaluate oneself. When one of your search for a mock exam before they are actually that for the real exam, It has come to get an idea of how much study they have done and how much is left.

About Calcus Educational Institute

Education is a great equalizer in the society. Education gives an opportunity for the underprivileged or poor to move up the social ladder. With an aim to provide quality education to the poor and middle-class children, Calcus Educational Institute also known as Calcusindia was founded by a visionary, Mrs Vani Kumari in the year 2017.  After years of experience in the teaching field, Mrs Vani Kumari felt that quality education was a far-fetched dream for the poor and needy. With a vision to offer good quality education to the poor and middle class at an affordable price she started this noble initiative.  Calcusindia started humbly, by offering Abacus and Vedic maths to children but as the demand to offer  good quality teaching at reasonable price started growing, Calcusindia started offering coaching for NTSE, Olympiads, IIT, NEET and various other competitive exams for students from class 6 onwards.

About the ‘Exam Preparation App’

Unlike most of the Exam Preparation App, they keep their aim in keeping the spirit of the student high. Although it is a very new application and is about to be released sometime in the last week of September, it has already gained a huge fan base for its simple and easy structure. They do not provide any video related to the subject or a particular chapter and solely focuses on the exam.

Why choose Calcus?

Calcus Educational Institute has already been famous for providing an educational guide to more than 68 schools in Telengana State, India for a period of three years and still counting. With Calcus Educational Institute, You will be able to evaluate yourself in the most ethical manner. They are trustworthy and offer the following advantages.

Social activities

Calcus Educational Institute focuses on social activities like holding motivational discussions for the aspirants so that they can be confident about the exam and try to give their best. The speakers are renowned people from all fields of life. They have already been able to achieve a name for themselves. Therefore, a speech given by them is really motivational. Calcus Educational Institute is also available across several social media platforms as Calcusindia including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram.

Why it is beneficial for students?

It is beneficial for students as students are able to asses themselves by just paying Rs.99 on a Yearly basis. In today’s world where everything is so expensive, it is really difficult to prepare for exams like UPSC at such a low cost. The book themselves costs above Rs.500. The Exam preparation app is very affordable, coming at a price of Rs.99. They do not compromise with the quality of the exam and some of them are absolutely free. Academic purposes are also targeted by their exam preparation app as it focuses on pointing out the weaknesses and strengths of the aspirant by holding various exams. They are really affordable as their subscription fees are just Rs. 99 for entire year. Therefore, people belonging to any financial status are able to afford it.


It is important for a country like India to have such applications that focus on making the students confident and prepared.

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