How to Find the Best Tent for Camping?

Springtime means camping time for many of us. And with spring around the corner, all we can think about is enjoying our time on the weekend camping trips. However, your camping tent choice can make or break your trip. Plus, the seasonal changes are going to pose a whole new set of obstacles, like longer and hotter days with more precipitation. This article provides a few essential tips that will help you find the best outdoor camping tents.

Number of campers

Ignore the concept that a tent having the capacity of 4 people will accommodate 4 comfortably. It might sleep 3, but 2 would sleep comfortably along with keeping your luggage inside. So, if you are camping with 3 more people, then in place of a 4-man tent, you must go with 6 person tents for camping. This one will provide space for bedding for 4 and provide room to keep your baggage and other small things. Bad weather outside, will keep you 4 altogether inside. 

Along with the number of campers with you, also think about the height of the people camping. You will not want the tallest of you to curl up and sleep like a ball. Make sure to know your measurements and that of the tent too.

Environmental conditions you’ll be camping in

You will find camping tents that suit different environmental conditions. These generally include summer tents, 3-season tents, and 4-season tents. Summer tents are generally made up of a material that is light in weight. These have lots of windows for ventilation and are specifically not suitable for harsh weather conditions like strong winds 3-season tents can survive heavy rains and winds and also can protect you from cold. But, if you are planning to camp in snowy weather conditions, then a 4 season tent would be an optimal choice. Learn more about 3 season vs 4 season tents in this post.

Look out for the ease of setting up a tent

Tents accommodating up to 10 people, although offer a lot of space, but take a lot of time to set up. Well, spending hours setting up your camping tent would be the last thing you want to do on reaching the campsite. So before you finalize the camping tent for purchase, try to set it up in front of the shop owner. If this is not allowed by the shop owner, then you must look for ‘pop-up’ tents, or ‘push-button’ tents as these set up easily and quickly just by pressing a button.

Tent materials

You will find tents made in a lot of different materials. Therefore you can base your camping tent choice on the type of material used for its build. Waterproof camping tents are generally made of canvas or cotton material. But these usually get heavy on absorbing water of rains. Nylon or polyester is another type of material that is waterproof. Although these do not soak up water and become heavy like canvas tents, when exposed to sunlight, these deteriorate over time.

Keep in mind the above mention tips and choose the best kind of tent to make your camping trip memorable. Learn more about ‘how to choose tents for camping‘ here.