Can erectile dysfunction be treated by stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is an effective and well-working treatment for erection problems. However, there are other treatments available to treat a weak erection; this therapy can be a gifted one. In this method, specialists introduce the stem cells of the patient into the tissues of the male organ that are responsible for maintaining an erection. However, it is significant to know that these issues are taken from the fatty cells of the stomach cavity. You can consult with your doctor for this ED treatment. He may tell you the potential benefits and risks (if any) for the same.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a medical condition in which men cannot get or maintain an erection during sexual activity. However, there can be various causes that may result in causing a weak erection. They may include physical conditions like hypertension, hormonal insufficiency, heart diseases, and diabetes. Moreover, your mental health also plays a vital role in stimulating sexual arousal and maintaining an erection. Conditions like depression, anxiety, and despair can cause erection problems.

What are the other possible treatments for erectile dysfunction?

Medications like Viagra, vacuum treatment, and penile injections can help in the ED treatment. However, if these methods do not bring successful results, your doctor may suggest surgical treatments like penile implants and vascular surgery to improve your condition.

You can consult with your doctor about these treatment methods. He may tell you the potential benefits and risks about them.

Can stem cell therapy provide long-term relief?

Many studies show successful results of stem cell therapy over ED. Specialists also say that it can help people with erectile dysfunction for a long period of time. Nevertheless, you should consult with your doctor before taking any treatment for a weak erection. He may diagnose your condition and prescribe the best and suitable treatment method for your treatment while keeping your health condition in mind.

For more information, consult with your doctor.

Consult an online doctor specialist for erectile dysfunction treatment. Check the Daily Chemist website if any doubt. Take advice from doctors if needed.