Types of Bicycle Trailer for Kids and the Accessories Availability

Most parents are waiting for years to take their kids to go bicycling. But, the bicycle trailer for kids is available to solve the issues. You don’t have to wait for your kids until they turn eight or nine years old somehow. The surprising thing about a bike trailer is that it can be used for children from 1 year old. You may think that going cycling with your kids is something tricky and cause a fuss, but with a trailer, it will be easier.

What’s a bicycle trailer?

A bicycle trailer for kids is a cart or trailer that can easily be hitched to your bicycle as it is equipped with small wheels. It allows your kids to sit and then ride the bicycle together. When it is attached to your bike, it looks like a sidecar. It can carry kids from one year to six years old. The models vary as you can find that it can carry two kids together.

The good thing about the bicycle trailer is that the maximum weight limit is ranging from eighty to one hundred twenty five pounds which is pretty exciting for your children. Your children can sit in the trailer comfortably. For additional security, straps are available in some trailer models and types. Contrasting with bike seats, a bicycle trailer for kids is low down to the ground that can reduce the risk of injuries from falls. 

Types of bicycle trailer for kids

In fact, there are two major types of bicycle trailer for kids available:

  • Enclosed trailer

It is usually for younger children. Your kid can sit in the comfortable trailer and no pedal needed. It is usually covered with weather-resistant fabric. The structure is using aluminum bars. On the front of the trailer, a zip is available with ventilation made from a plastic net window. It offers perfect protection to your children. Inside the enclosed trailer, the harness system is attached to ensure security.

  • Bike trailer

This type of trailer is suitable for older children who are confident and strong enough to pedal. Most trailers are designed with storage pockets and adjustable suspension. When you are going across a bumping road, thank the suspensions that will smooth it out effectively. The seating capacity is another concern you have to consider as some trailer models are designed to only carry one kid.

Accessories available

The accessories that generally come along the bicycle trailer for kids are a neck support pillow, bag, light kit, stroller converter, etc. the existence of a spare wheel allows you to convert the trailer into a stroller. A single swivel wheel is typically included that can be attached to the bike’s tow bar. A single large wheel is available to convert the trailer into a jogger which is also very easy to attach. 

Regardless of various kinds of trailers you opt for, you have to remember that you will tow the whole weight of your kids. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are strong enough to pedal the bicycle with a bicycle trailer for kids.