Check The Legal Permit Of Your State Before Buying An E-Skateboard

Using an e-skateboard for daily commuting has become a trend nowadays. However, this form of riding is not legal all around the globe, and before buying a high-tech electric skateboards, you must ensure if it is legal to use your e-skateboard in your country or not.

If you are traveling to a foreign country, carry your e-skateboards only after confirming the legal status of their use in the respective cities that you will be visiting unless you want to get penalized or get injured, both of which can create a lot of problems especially in a foreign land.

E-skates are not used as alternative travel options in most places in the world as of now. Many countries are yet to catch up with these changing technologies and the traffic conditions of many developing countries are not appropriate for the safe use of an e-skate.

Before buying an electric skateboard with remote from Maxfind Micro Mobility, ensure that you will be able to use it on the road or not as per the legal allowance in your residing city. Based in the UK, this company popularly supplies skateboards to the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Russia, and a few Asian Countries.

Countries where the use of e-skateboard is legally permitted

Let us list down some countries where you can use your e-skateboard for traveling and not just in the bicycle lane for fun. Some of these countries are:

  1. Europe:
  • You cannot use your e-board in public places or for commuting in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, and Poland.
  • In the rest of the countries, the use of e-board is legal provided you strictly follow the speed limits specified by the state laws.
  • Also, some countries only permit the use of e-board in bicycle lanes as they are treated as bicycles.
  • Additionally, the use of e-boards must not pose any harm to the pedestrians otherwise heavy fines can be issued by the police.

2. The USA:

  • Three states in the USA permit the use of e-skateboards.
  • In California, riding on e-boards is allowed for people who are 16 years or older and are wearing protective helmets at all times.
  • The maximum riding speed that you can maintain on the streets of California is 20 Km/hr.
  • In Michigan, a recent law has allowed the use of e-skateboards on roads along with cars and bikes.
  • In Florida, e-boards can be used alongside bicycles with a speed limit of less than 25 Km/hr.

3. Asia:

  • The only country permitting the use of e-boards in the Asian continent is Singapore.
  • However, you can only use them on cycle paths and footpaths while maintaining the speed limit of each of the paths very strictly.
  • Using e-boards on the roads of Singapore is strictly prohibited.

4. Oceania:

  • If your e-skateboard has reflectors and lights, you can use them on Australian streets as per a recent law.
  • You still have to abide by certain rules like always wearing a helmet and being over 16 years of age.

Now that you are sure regarding your state’s legal status of electric skateboards, you can look for exclusive Christmas deals on the Facebook page of Maxfind Micro Mobility to buy your brand new e-skateboard.