Prominent Usages of Wedge Wire Screens

Manufacturer’s wedge wire screen filters improve separation and filtration operations by enduring abrasive and corrosive mineral processing applications.

The wedge wire screen filters are high-quality stainless steel and come in flat or spot-weld cylindrical panels to suit any application

Wedge wire screen filters for abrasive applications are made of Grade 430 stainless steel and are used to process coarse materials. This nickel-free ferrous steel has strong abrasion resistance and a superior welding capacity.

Wedge wire screen filters for corrosive applications are made of Grade 304 stainless steel and process highly acidic materials. This steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel for long-lasting filtration effectiveness. For particularly corrosive applications, grade 316 stainless steel is available upon request.

Wedge Wire Screen Filters

Wedge Wire CIP/CIL Screens from Optima:

Optima wedge wire CIP/CIL screens are high-strength stainless steel and offer increased wear resistance in coarse mineral processing applications. CIP/CIL wedge wire screen filters are manufactured to order for each installation. Manufacturers also sell wedge wire screen segments for Kambalda screens with specific sealing requirements.

Wedge Wire Flat Drainage Panels from Optima

Optima wedge wire flat drainage panels in vibrating screen applications provide excellent wear and corrosion resistance. These panels enable high-release angles and minimum pegging in tough screening media applications.

Filter with Wedge Wires for the Food and Beverage Industry

In the food business, wedge wire screen filters vary depending on the type of food or beverage being produced. However, when it comes to wedge wire filters, each industry looks for standard features, such as the capacity to endure pressure, efficient extraction and filtration, non-clogging capability, and ease of maintenance. The food sector prefers slotted wedge wire screens because the precise gap sizes allow for uniform food product passage. Larger items are left above the surface profile, where they can be easily removed, decreasing clogging and increasing working productivity.

Wedge wire tube cylinders are ideal for the beverage industry because they separate the particles from the liquid materials. Screen’s spiral design guarantees that all juices are extracted from the product while solids are kept out of the filtration system. To ensure that the slots of welded wire screens are consistent and accurate, Hebei HighTop employs modern technologies. Customized designs and specs are also available to fulfill the needs of each customer.

Because of their specifications, slotted tubes are appropriate for the industry. There are four different types of slotted tubes. The filtration process in the Radial Slot Special begins on the inside and subsequently moves outside the tube. For inner support, the profiles in the broadest area are welded together with the bar’s far end. A support bar connects the bars and provides additional support.

On the other hand, the Radial Slot Standard operates in reversal mode. Whereas the Special filters from the inside to the outside, the Standard filters from the outside to the inside. The surface profile is welded to the outermost part of the interior support bar, similar to the Special slot tube. Axial Slot profiles are welded together to form a spiral shape, with each profile welded to the support wire rather than welded together to make a smooth surface. The tube’s internal surface is smooth.

Strengthened cylinders and tubes are also available and are remarkably suggested for industries with high-pressure levels to ensure the screens are reinforced and sturdy during production. The cylinder and tube can use for both internal and exterior flow.

It is all about the wedge wire screens and learn much more about it before purchasing to fulfill your requirements.