Creating a Brighter Future: The Best Certificate Programs That Lead to Well Paying Jobs

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Do you want to unlock your earning potential through secondary education but are not interested in a traditional four-year college program? Do you need to jumpstart your life with a career change?

You’re not alone. Recent studies show that 50% of undergraduates are enrolled in an associate’s or certificate degree program. These vocational degrees offer an entry into a high paid medical occupation or trade.

Don’t wait. Start your life’s work by reading this guide to the best certificate programs.


If you want to enroll in certificate programs that guarantee a lifetime of high-paying work, look no further than a plumbing certificate. Expert plumbers are always in need.

The median plumber salary in 2018 was $53,910. Some areas across the United States offer even higher pay, and advancement is possible with a plumbing certificate.

Why are plumbers so well paid? Our entire home and business infrastructure are built on access to clean running water. No home or business can function without a working toilet or water system. 

HVACR Technician

For the same reasons as plumbers, an HVACR technician is one of the best careers with certificate programs. The work is well compensated and always in demand.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics rates this occupation as growing faster than average with a median income of $48,730 per year.

Like plumbing, HVCAR techs are always in need thanks to the vital roles heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration play in our everyday life.

Real Estate

The 2020 housing boom thanks to COVID-19 is one of the great reasons to get involved with real estate. Low mortgage rates created a seller’s market and spurred activity that shows no signs of slowing down.

The great thing about real estate is that you can study it on your own time, unlike other certifications. Because of this, real estate is one of the best online certificate programs to enroll in.

Community Association Management

CAM licensing is one of the types of online certificate programs that pay very well, but you may not know what it is.

A community association manager is a condominium or apartment complex manager. This is a position the development company or the condo community hires to handle finances and customer service.

They coordinate repairs, handle finances, resolve owner, or renter disputes. They serve as the liaison between the condominium owners and the development company.

In areas of the country, like Florida, where condominium living is popular, this can be a very high paying job. To get started, enroll in a Florida Cam license online program.

Best Certificate Programs

To switch careers doesn’t mean you have to shell out tuition money to a traditional four-year university. To make money out of high school doesn’t require a Bachelor’s and a Graduate Degree.

High-paying careers are found in the best certificate programs. Don’t let your busy schedule hold you back. There are types of online certificate programs that are flexible and allow you to work at your own pace toward your ultimate goal.

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