Everything To Know About Russian Lip Filler Technique

When we talk about fillers, they are quite known in the current times, as they provide promising results to the person getting it done and majorly there have been plenty of success stories around it.

The Queens Russian lip filler technique is a new global hit such has traveled all its way from West Hollywood to Los Angeles. This technique is for anyone who wants a perfect baby doll look. This technique is made after nesting dolls of Russia whose lips are perfectly painted. The process intensifies the cupid’s bow and uplifts the center of the lips, making them reflect heart-shaped. The final result shows the lips are naturally plump and gives an overall volume.

If you are interested in trying the Queens Russian lip filler, the previous filter needs to be obliterated at least two weeks before the new filter. This will ensure proper treatment through the technique.

Difference Between Russian Lip Filler Technique And Standard Technique

The Standard Techniques are usually held their difference in the injecting method, as they are done horizontally so that the lips get an even spread of fullness effect. While in the Russian Lip Filler technique, the provider injects it vertically at smaller amounts to spread evenly and mainly focuses on the center of the lips. It also primarily focuses on raising the height of the lips giving it a heart shape, rather than just giving the lips a plump look.

Another significant difference is that the Russian Lip Filler technique usually takes a long time due to its detailed precision of the lips, which may bring almost thirty minutes to one hour. Therefore, this technique may result in extra swelling of the lips, and the lifespan of the Queens Russian Lip Filter may also be provided to you by the provider. At the same time, the Standard technique lasts for around six to twelve months.

Access To Russian Lip Filler

This new technique can be accessed from any average spa, med, or even Wellness Centre where filler services are provided. However, most regions don’t offer this service but check out the centers by enquiring them personally.

If you are planning to get doll-like lips with heart-shaped centers or commonly known as Queens Russian Lip Filler, check out specific centers where these services are provided and ask them personally over call or mail regarding an appointment for your lip filler treatment.


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