Fashion choices that will make the cold days better

This last year has been difficult for all of us. Most of us have been dealing with constant stress and social isolation because we had to spend more time inside than ever before. From what we know about the effect of weather on mood, it might seem like the upcoming cold season will only make things worse. That’s why we need to concentrate as much as possible on positive, cheerful things. Fashion is one of the avenues for that. Fashion designers have focused for the most part on creating pieces that would act as mood lifters.

The season of comforting clothes

One good way to lift your mood is by wearing something super comfortable and warm, something that would feel like a comforting embrace. A sweater feels like the most natural choice for that. But not any kind of sweater, of course, you need something from a warm natural material. The warmest natural material you can find is wool. If you want extra softness, go for a merino wool sweater. This season is also about geometric patterns, so sweaters with geometric patterns are very fashionable. Fisherman wool jumpers are a classic and chic option. 

Color therapy

We all know that our mood can be influenced by colors. That’s why designers opt for bright color combinations this season. There are many color combinations that defy traditional fashion rules: sultry red, cobalt blue, playful purple, rich gold, neon orange are all color shades that you’ll see around this season. This vibrant color palette is meant to instill a sense of confidence and optimism. The idea is that by brightening up your wardrobe, you’ll add a bit of color, optimism, and excitement to your life.

Adding contrast to the outfit

Playing with bright colors is exciting, but it’s also nice to have an element that brings a bit of balance to the outfit. One way you could do that is by adding a contrasting color. A dark navy would be a good option. Denim is very popular this season, especially baggy, wide-leg jeans. Flared jeans are also having a comeback this season, so if that’s your thing, now it’s time to bring them out. Denim jackets are also in this season and you can even opt for a denim matching set if you want to stand out.

Spicing it up with accessories

When it comes to accessories, we should aim to combine practicality with style. Since it’s the cold season, we will focus on accessories that are appropriate for the cold season. Knitted scarves are a popular fashion choice. Leather or knitted opera gloves are also a very stylish choice if you want to protect your hands from the cold. As for headwear, it seems that foulards and furry hats dominate the trends. When it comes to your legs and feet, statement socks and chunky boots are the most popular options if you want to impress with your sense of style!