Review of the Top 5 Dog Breeds and Which Breed is Right for You


Owning a dog is a responsibility to be taken seriously. So taking the time to research and ask yourself questions to decide what suits your lifestyle is an important step towards becoming a dog owner. 

In this article, with the help and advice of 360 Dog Walker, we will analyze and review the top 5 most popular dog breeds and explain which dog breed is right for you and your lifestyle. 360 Dog Walker is of the most professional dog walking services in San Francisco, California. They have won countless awards and are the top go to companies for your dogs. 

The German Shepherd

As herding dogs in the past German shepherd would guide herd and protect livestock. As pets these herding and instincts motivate German shepherds to act as protectors for their owner, family and children. Because of this, German shepherds may sometimes act a bit distant or aloof. They will love you and your family but they may give all new people the stink eye. Don’t worry though they are just looking out for you and your family’s safety.

#2 The Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds and there are many good reasons for that. These dogs are loyal, active family dogs. They love to be around people. They need interaction with their families and any family friends. They also love to be social with other dogs meaning occasional trips to the dog park are great exercise for them. Golden retrievers love to swim or play a game of fetch because they were originally developed to work with hunters to locate and retrieve quarry. Unfortunately, though if you are looking for a dog that will protect your family in the event of a break-in, a golden is not a good choice. They will joyfully welcome intruders with a wagging tail and a slobbery tongue. On the other hand many families are not looking for a guard dog but rather a new family member. Golden retrievers love to be where you are doing what everyone else is. If your kid have friends over you are likely to never have to worry about aggression towards a new face. Instead they are likely to be excited to meet a new friend. 

#3 The Labrador

Much like the golden retrievers Labrador retrievers were developed originally to work closely with hunters. Today labs still love to hunt and enjoy other field activities including a game of fetch. Labs are wonderful pets for families and children and they play nicely with other dogs labs also so obedient and kind that they often serve as therapy dogs for the sick and blind. Remember though that labs are a large breed and therefore require plenty of regular vigorous exercise in order to stay healthy and fit. Just like golden retrievers labs are notorious shedders and have a double coat which needs routine maintenance and grooming. 

#4 The Beagle

Beagles are known for their excellent nose and their love to hunt. Their instincts to track are flawless. The second they catch a scent they are locked in and there is hardly a distraction from that unless you intervene. Gifted with their expert sense of smell beagles make great detectives sniffing out illegal food or explosives at airports. As pets beagles are loveable merry hounds who enjoy groups and children. They may follow their owner’s and stick to their sides but without being overwhelming. 

#5 The Poodle

Poodles whether standard or miniature or toy in size are easily recognized by their distinctive curly fur. However such beautiful coats come at a hefty cost. Poodles of all sizes need to be brushed daily and keeping the coat neat and attractive involves frequent trips to the groomer. If not cared for properly a poodle’s fur can become matted and poorly conditioned. Poodles are known to be smart confident and highly energetic. This dog is excellent with children does everything possible to please its owner is loving and affectionate and gets along incredibly well with other animals if introduced while young. Even better due to their single fur poodles shed very little and are therefore a good choice for owners who suffers from pet allergies.