Fast-paced Action Game for Android TV

For the game lovers all around the world here is another game that you can play in your free time. A different game than the other games you tried. A game that gives you the feelings of a magic world. That is the game Magic Rampage Android TV. The game is full of excitements for you to explore. You can have lot of fun and joy bundled with action and RPG.

If you are fond of fantasies you can play this game without getting bored. This game reminds me the super famous TV drama Merlin. If you like to roam in a magical world full of challenges to overcome, then this is the best platform for you. The Magic Rampage.

What Magic Rampage includes?

This nice platform includes some classes of characters to select from according to your preference. Some of these classes can named as Warlock, Druids, Thieves, Sorcerer, etc. You can choose any class according to your wish. Not only that you can personalize the chosen characters in whatever the way you want them to be.

You can dress them with the suitable armor and also with the weapons. The weapons you can choose from includes knives, hammers etc. Moreover, you can select a magical element for your class from the elements like water, fire, earth, light and darkness just like in Avatar movie.

When you need these weapons, armors and other items that you want to face your enemy you have to meet the salesman to buy and own them.

For buying these weapons and armors you have to pay gold. For that you have to earn gold. The survivor mode helps you in that purpose. If you can stay a longer time in the survivor mode then you can earn more gold and weapons. But in here you have to stay in the most dangerous dungeons in the gameplay for a considerable time period. Though it is dangerous if you are stronger enough to survive there, then you can make your class a super hero or a warlock with the best weapons and the armors.

There are different Dungeons include here where your class has to play. In there you have to face so many difficulties or challenges. If I name some of these challenges or bosses, I can name them as zombies, spiders, bats, dragons, etc. Weekly a new dungeon is offeredfor your pleasure with diversecontests for you to overcome.

When you are playing the game, you can choose any place from the places like forest, castle, swamps and many more. A place where you like to play most.

The game can play in online mode also. This allows you to compete with the players all over the world. It will be a really nice opportunity for you to compete with the other players. You have to fight in a dungeon by facing to so many enemies and obstacles to move towards your victory.

This is only a brief description about the game Magic Rampage. There’s lot more things you come across while playing the game. So, have this in your Android TV too and have a better action and an RPG genre of gaming. You can use Aptoide TV or Filelinked if you do not have Play Store services on your Android TV or Google TV.