How to avoid Amazon a to z claims in future 

Mostly, customer is satisfied with the products they buy online. But sometimes, the problem comes due to which they submit the a to z Amazon claim.

Amazon provides claim services to buyers to solve their problems. Due to this Amazon’s dedication towards customer satisfaction, Amazon claims are solved in favor of buyers. 

But it will be good if the buyer avoids the Amazon a to z claims in maximum situations. Read the Amazon a to z guarantee review article to know about best practices you should follow to avoid Amazon a to z claims.

  • Optimize shipping process 

Customers expect to get their product delivered before or on time of the delivery date. If they do not get the product on the estimated delivery date, they submit a to z claim.

So, it is the responsibility of sellers to ship out the products on time. It is also important for sellers to optimize the shipping process so orders are delivered before or on time. 

Moreover, the sellers should provide the valid tracking id to the buyer, so they can track their order easily or not fill the claim if there are delays.  

  • Packing of products carefully

Another reason why buyers fill the a to z claim on Amazon is when they do not get the product in a good state. Buyers always want to receive their order on time, in good condition, and without defects or damages. So, as sellers, you have to stay careful while packaging products 

You should pack the product in such a way that it is delivered to the buyer’s address safely, without any defect or damage

  • Create the right product listings 

Buyers also submit amazon a to z claims because products that they get are not matched with the products that they ordered. The most important part of product listing is our product images, and descriptions, so ensure that they are fully optimized. 

Your product descriptions consist of information on the product. So, you should not include false claims to convince buyers to buy your product. Instead of this, it is suggested to use bullet points and keywords to highlight the feature of the products you are selling. 

  • Use clear images 

It is important for sellers to post a clear image of their products, so the buyer can get the right idea of what they received if they put an order for this specific product. 

You should also include multi-resolution images to show the product from different angles. You have to set the product picture against a white background and in high pixels, so the buyer can see it by zooming in. 

  • Have return policies 

The return policies consist of the condition and timelines of the product. If you are unable to cover return costs, the policy states clearly that buyers are responsible for covering costs if they make a return request.


Third-party sellers, especially those who complete orders under FBM, do not require to submit a claim by buyers. There are many ways to avoid amazon, a to z claims by buyers.

For this, there is a need for sellers to provide return policies to the customer, create the right product listing, pack the product properly, etc.