Filtration Systems For Water Purification.

Chlorine, nitrate, microbes, pesticides, so many pollutants come back regularly. Your tap water is safe to drink but may contain these substances in trace amounts. If you want to go further to purify the tap water you consume, we recommend using a filtration system. Several solutions exist to improve the quality of your water.

The Different Filtration Systems For Tap Water

The Water Filter On The Tap

A simple and effective water purification solution

To drink pure tap water, you have to say goodbye to lead, copper, pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, and drug residues contained therein! The tap water filter has a cartridge based on compacted activated carbon to obtain excellent water filtration. Almost all impurities and harmful substances are thus removed from your water very quickly. No modification of plumbing is necessary, and the installation is done simply by a system of screws on your faucet.

A small downside for this solution: the filtration capacity is only 1,500 liters. You will therefore need to change your tap filter regularly (approximately every six months). Likewise, the flow rate is low, with an average of one liter of filtered water per minute.

The Water Purifier Or Water Filter Under The Sink

Efficient filtration system for more purified water

Just as useful as the faucet filter, the under-sink water filter offers a much larger filtration capacity and a higher flow rate. By installing this water purification system, you will be able to benefit from 6,000 to 10,000 liters of filtered water for a flow of two liters of water per minute, i.e., between 6 and 12 months of use depending on your consumption.

The under-sink water purifier requires installing a special tap: a draw-off tap or a 3-way tap. Replacing the filter cartridge is easy. Remember to close your water supply.

The Osmosis

The ultimate water filtration solution

It is the most effective solution to overcome the impurities contained in tap water. The osmosis system uses the reverse osmosis system to produce pure water: the water passes through several filters and an excellent membrane making it possible to recover almost all dissolved substances much more efficiently than a conventional filtration system.

The osmosis unit is positioned under your sink and has a reserve of filtered water, avoiding limited flow problems. The different cartridges need to be changed every year and the membrane every 2 to 5 years. This water filtration process is more technical than the others, we advise you to entrust the device’s installation to a professional or contractors in my area and take out a maintenance contract.


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