The Best Electric Herb Grinder

What is an electric herb grinder?

Electric grinders vary in capacity and size. They can be anywhere from handheld electric grinder units that fit easily into a large pocket or small purse, larger units that attach to the end of a drill, or industrial grinders for manufacturers who grind huge quantities for large-scale distribution. Most electric grinders are preferred by users for their ease of use, consistent grind (with the right brands), and speed. Some even have cone-shaped dispensing tips that allow you to dispense your herb directly where you want it, with no spillage or contamination. In our testing of electric grinders, we preferred electric grinders that allowed users to toggle between turn directions to break up the herb in a more efficient way (Rocker Switch Technology™). We also liked electric grinders with a capacity of an ounce or larger – most of the manual grinders we found were unable to grind smoothly with that much herb.

What to look for                                                                      

When it comes to speed, electric grinders are the way to go. Reaching grinding speeds of up to 20 times that of a manual grinder, electric herb grinders are the clear winner. Trying to manually twist and turn your herb takes a lot out of your hands, leading to (or worsening) hand pain/cramping. Most electric grinders are operated at the touch of a button, and some even have Power Rocker technology to break up herbs gently with a back-and-forth motion. Speed is crucial – the longer you have to rip and tear your herb, the more time it has to lose it is valuable oils. We found the Mamba electric grinder to be the fastest grinder, at 20 times the speed of a manual grinder.

Hygiene is a big factor when grinding your herb – you don’t always know how clean your prep area is. There could be bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants around that you don’t want mixed into your finished product. Nothing like accidentally packing a cat hair into your bowl! Manual grinders require an extra step between grinding and consuming. The herb must be removed from the grinder and somehow placed into the desired receptacle. Some brands of electric grinders have a hygienic dispensing cone tip, so that their grinders can grind your herb and dispense it directly where it needs to go without risking spillage, wastage, or contamination.

If you’ve ever had hand pain or a hand injury, you know how important (and difficult!) it can be to find accessible products. We did find a grinder, The Mamba, that was able to be smoothly operated entirely with one hand. It grinds with a single switch, and dispenses your herb right where it needs to go.

But which one is the best?

After testing countless manual, electric, and traditional grinders (including a mortar and pestle!) our favourite grinder is the Mamba Electric Grinder. Great capacity, conveniently runs on AA batteries, was designed with ergonomics in mind, and looks phenomenal on display. The designers went to great lengths to source high-quality parts, and took special care to ensure a smooth, easy, one-handed operation. The Mamba grinder is inexpensive, especially considering the high-quality parts, and can also be found at select retailers.