Find Your best Settings As You Wed the Best bride

Whether wild, rustic or glamorous, the versatility of flowers allows them to be easily incorporated into wedding decorations, as they fill every corner with romance and magic. However, it is also possible to find them in a wedding hairstyle, as a souvenir, tracing paths or in bridal stationery. If you will be exchanging your silver rings soon, collect the following ideas to infuse your celebration with flowers. As you marry the Ukrainian brides you can find the best options.

In the church

There are several places in the church that you can decorate with flowers, starting with the front door. There they can place an arch with white roses, for example, or mount vases with calla lilies, lilies, gardenias or other white flowers on each side. They can also decorate the benches or seats, either with bouquets or flower arrangements, which look very delicate. And the altar is another appropriate space to decorate with flowers, from the table where the priest is located, to the chairs of the bride and groom and the staircase, if there is one. Also, if you want to mark the way to the altar, throwing petals will add even more romance to your ceremony.

Hanging decoration

Regardless of the location where they will exchange their gold rings, the hanging decoration adapts to the different scenarios. Outdoors, for example, they can use recycled bottles, jars, or cans to hang flowers from trees. Or, if it will be inside a room, they can also suspend lanterns or bird cages with flowers from the ceilings. Another alternative is to decorate with curtains of pink carnations, for example, the Candy Bar. Or, if you prefer an element of trend, turn to the hanging wooden hoops with buttercups.

At the banquet

Although there are other options, without a doubt that wedding centerpieces with flowers stand out among the most chosen. In addition to being fresh and colorful, it is possible to adapt the ornament according to the style of celebration. For example, a centerpiece with roses for a romantic celebration; peonies in pastel tones, for one with vintage touches; paniculata, for a bohemian-inspired one; sunflowers, for country centerpieces; proteas, if they plan an eccentric wedding; and coves, if they will opt for a celebration in a minimal key, among other proposals. In addition, on the plate of each guest they can place a flower next to the minute or thank you card. It will be a nice detail that your family and friends will appreciate. Choose the Vietnamese brides also.


And if it comes to pampering the guests, the flowers will be a gift that will always be very welcome. For example, they can give away glass sachets, sachets or tubes with seasonal flower seeds that, otherwise, will be very economical.

Another option is to give pots with small flowers, such as violets or jasmine. Or, even simpler, fill a basket with roses for each guest to take their own at the end of the celebration. Of course, whatever souvenir you choose, do not forget to attach a note with a beautiful phrase of love, your initials or the date of the link.

Other spaces

Depending on the type of celebration and the elements they incorporate, they can also decorate with flowers the welcome boards, the basket of a vintage bicycle, wooden photocell drawers, a rustic wheelbarrow or the wedding vehicle. You can even give a natural touch to your wedding cake by placing a flower, both at the base, as on the different floors or on top.

As part of the look

Finally, both will be able to incorporate flowers to their bridal outfit. In addition to the traditional bouquet, the bride can wear a simple hairstyle with a flower crown, while the groom can match the same flower on the buttonhole on his lapel. And if you have bridesmaids, they will surely want to wear their own bouquet or a corsage as well.