Best time to visit Israel

Israel, located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, is the place where the Hebrew Bible is thought to have been written. Also known as the Holy Land, the country is considered the birthplace of Jewish people, as well as Judaism and Christianity. Whether you are a Christian, a Jewish, a Muslim, or even an atheist, the country will galvanise you with its numerous places of worship. In this respect, during a visit to Jerusalem, Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon – once said “I am more excited stepping on these stones than stepping on the moon”, thus emphasising the peculiar spirituality of this place. Yet, the Holy Land does not only offer you a great variety of cultural and worship sites, but it also offers breathtaking landscapes, extremely tasty food and friendly people.

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Best time to visit Israel

Although the country can be visited all year round, the best period to visit Israel depends on what your plans are. Yet, according to several travel guides, spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October) are considered the best time to visit the Holy Land, since temperatures are more pleasant compared to the extremely hot summer days and the cold winter nights.

If you are travelling to Israel because you want to enjoy its gorgeous coastline, there is only one choice for you: summer! During this period (June, July and August), temperatures are extremely high (30°C on average), the sky is blue and rainfalls are almost absent, thus creating the perfect environment to enjoy every single moment at the beach.

Best sights in Israel


Jerusalem, which attracts 3.5 million tourists every year, boasts a magic atmosphere with history, culture and spirituality. Besieged, destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries by both Muslims and Christians, the city currently hosts different cultures and religions from all over the world. The Old Town is in fact divided into four quarters – Muslim, Christian, Armenian and Jewish -, in which visitors can experience the typical custums and traditions. Visitors should definitely not miss out the Haram Al-Sharif (Temple Mount), the Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Citadel and the Via Dolorosa.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, the Hill of Spring in Hebrew, offers a great variety of attractions to visitors. Not only is the city famous for its energetic nightlife (restaurants, bars and clubs), but it also astonishes travellers for its rich culture and fascinating history. Don’t miss out the White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which amazes visitors with its original Bauhaus and International-style buildings.

The Old City of Jaffa

The Old City of Jaffa, located at a short distance from Tel Aviv, is considered one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean basin. The city is built on the edge of a cliff and boasts a wonderful view of the Tel Aviv skyline. Visitors can enjoy here a wide range of attractions: mosques, churches, clock towers, museums, as well as numerous restaurants and bars.

Acre’s Old City

The unknown city of Acre represents the perfect place to escape the huge hordes of tourists coming to Israel every year. Acre offers visitors a great combination of old and new: amazing restaurants, world-class hotels, the Arabic market, the old city walls and gorgeous beaches!

The Dead Sea

If you travel to Israel, you cannot miss the peculiarity of the Dead Sea. Located on the lowest point on Earth, the extremely high concentration of salt in its waters (33.7%) makes it the saltiest body of water in the world! Not only sunbathing and floating on its waters, travellers can here enjoy black mud body scrubbing, experience a trip on a jeep on the hills of the nearby desert and undertake numerous hikes in the close Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.


Bethlehem does not really need an introduction, since the city is extremely popular – at least in the Christian world – for being the birthplace of Jesus. Although it is located only 10 kilometers south of Jerusalem, the city is included in the State of Palestine. Yet, if you come to Israel, especially on a spiritual trip, you cannot skip this incredible place!

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