Flying insect control methods

Flying insects are considered to be the only group of invertebrates that have the ability to fly, and there are conflicting opinions regarding this that the movement of the emergence of wings of insects came on the sidelines of the emergence of an anomalous mutation, while some scientists even mentioned that it is just drooping flesh that has been subjected to genetic modification in terms of shape and specifications, despite that. The wide debate that the emergence of flying insects has raised towards scientists since ancient times. But they are divided into many races between the family of insects and invertebrates in general, She comes from a family of various pavilions; And due to the damage caused by it, it is imperative to know the methods of controlling flying insects.

pest control

The concept of pest control can be clarified as following methods that assist in repelling insects and completely eliminating them, whether they are crawling or flying, and the methods used to repel insects are similar according to the type of insect and the extent of its danger, and the necessity to follow insect control methods is that it is a preventive precautionary tool to prevent disease and its transmission Family members, as they are either carriers of diseases or cause itchy skin, and insects depend on the bite to transmit the disease to the organism.

Flying insect control methods

It is imperative to take the necessary measures to combat flying insects, especially in the summer, as swarms of flying insects begin to flow gradually into homes, and among the most important methods used to eliminate insects:

  • Continuous and periodic cleaning of the home, while protecting and preserving disinfection and sterilization.
  • Get rid of waste and waste on a regular basis.
  • Spray the trash can with disinfectants and insect repellants.
  • Close windows.
  • Protecting and maintaining the hygiene of domestic animals when they are at home.
  • Planting basins of mint and basil, where the fragrant scents of these plants help repel insects completely.
  • Putting sulfur in the soil in which ornamental plants are grown, helps get rid of flying insects.
  • Displacement and elimination of stagnant water in the surrounding areas of the house.
  • Make sure to spray insect killers on areas where dirt is accumulated, such as places where you throw garbage.
  • Using optical traps and sticky tape to get rid of insects.
  • Protection and maintenance of ventilation of the house in the early morning.
  • The use of essential oils to get rid of flying insects, especially mosquitoes, and among the most important of these oils are cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil with lemon, and castor oil.

Crawling insect control methods

The matter imposes an urgent duty in the fight against flying and crawling insects at a single barrier, as the damage from this plane is not limited to anything, but the crawling insects also cause a lot of inconvenience and damage like others, and among the most important methods used to repel crawling insects:

  • Using insect killers, and spraying the places where the insects are located.
  • Protect and maintain healthy behavior.
  • Establishing the sanitary replacement outlets properly, and maintaining them regularly to prevent sewage leakage from them.
  • Putting metal clips on windows.
  • Putting municipal compost on the soil in home gardens


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