How has technology changed the pace of doubts solving

The JEE exam is just around the corner, and your mind is running shut. Last-minute doubts are piling up and there is no way you can take a breather to relax. But just hold up! There is one way out to escape the panic vicious circle. Tech-aided tools! What we mean by that is today we got tools like doubt clearing apps and websites to solve any subject doubts that pop up in your mind. There are recorded video lectures, audios that are accessible at any time any day. Don’t believe us? Let us discuss a few features of an app called Kunduz, that focuses on clearing doubts at simple to advanced levels.

  • Your doubt solving is just a click away: It’s true! Just click a picture of the doubt you got and wait for the solutions to pop up on your screen. Competitive exams are sure tough but today they have become easy to tackle now.
  • Handwritten answers: It’s understood that the Arial fonts or any form of a computerized font are meant to tax your brains out when it comes to last-minute revisions. Hence Kunduz provides solutions in handwriting. This aids quick doubt clearing with a feeling of personalised notion.
  • Quick solutions: It’s hard! Too many doubts and very little time. Sometimes you have to search through the web for a particular doubt. It’s not only time consuming but also energy draining. Doubts pile up and there goes widening of the panic bubble. Today it is easy. Just scan and send the picture of your doubts. And they are solved within minutes.
  • Solutions to advanced doubts: Your chemistry practicals, physics theory paper and even your competitive doubts can be solved in one place altogether. No matter the scale of difficulty, today it has become easy to solve queries of any kind. How to use a microscope to even complicated jee solutions are simplified within minutes.
  • A bank of questions: Great! Your doubt just got resolved. Now that you are feeling less taxing about your exam, why don’t you venture a little bit into the library of questions? Kunduz offers a gigantic bank of solved questions ranging from your science, maths to your competitive exams. It’s amazing how these questions are placed keeping in mind the student’s perspective.
  • Practice papers: Solving practice papers comes in handy right before the exams. Hence today it is easy to get access to them. You don’t have to scan the web for practice papers from different sources anymore. With Kunduz, it is easy. Get quick access to practice papers, question banks and a lot more!

Doubts should create curiosity and not panic and fear. Technology has helped in oozing more curiosity for students. So next time when you have your exams coming around, bear in mind to download the Kunduz app and solve any doubts on the go!

James Sullivan
the authorJames Sullivan