How Job Seekers Should Prepare to Overcome the Wrath of COVID-19?

The crisis following COVID 19 was unexpected and it hit the job industry in such a way that it was left to get massacred. Nonetheless, a large chunk of the workforce saw laying off. Unavailability of newer positions has left the jobseekers in dismay. Even if the professionals still had their jobs, they were seen to be at risk, undergoing heavy salary cuts. And, this is a time when developing job anxiety is completely understandable. This might lead to a state of depression but it is not the time. Here are a few tips listed that will help you to keep up with your morale and composure and look beyond to the brighter picture:

Stop Blaming Yourself

It is a common trait for people to start blaming themselves once any mishap happens at their workplace. Layoffs, job search challenges, or unemployment is not your fault. This will only result in lowering down your self-confidence and increase anxiety. Avoiding the negative news and facts similar to your current situation will help you mentally stable down. Understanding the bad scenario of the economy and keeping faith in yourself will help you get over this.

Focusing on the Right Direction

Finding ways to overcome the current state of mind like finding ways to newly train yourself, analyzing career goals, understanding your weaknesses, and readily accepting the realities will help you feel better. You must understand that time is checking your patience and your capabilities.


Job scenarios are going to shift miraculously once the crisis gets over. Hence, upskilling is the need of the hour to stay morally boosted and relevant to the industry norms when they start hiring again.

Resume Upgradation

This is the best time for you to review and upgrade the details mentioned in your resume. The newer courses and certifications you obtained must be highlighted now.


Taking out time for yourself for meditation, yoga, and exercises will help you calm your nervousness and anxiety. Boosting your energy will help you relax and focus rightly.

Keep Trying

It is tough to stay motivated but it’s even better if you not lose hope. Thoughts have a major impact on your feelings and only this can turn the situation into your favor if you’re positive.

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