Some basic facts about Satta Matka

The term “Satta Matka” actually implies a gambling game based on the selection and betting of random numbers. Even though it might be considered to be illegal in the Indian subcontinent, it is possible to play this game online legally. And, the good thing is that in case you are lucky you will be able to win a substantial amount of cash. As mentioned earlier, the essence of Satta Matka is based on numbers where you have to choose between 0 and 9.

In case you are playing this game offline, 3 numbers will be drawn from a pack of cards. You will come across individuals who will select a paper piece from an earthen vessel and read out the lucky number.

The Matka business became the most popular in the 80s and 90s. At that time, a huge betting amount was placed which could be 50 crores as well. The business of Satta Matka guessing became quite well known during this period. However, the police made a massive crackdown, and soon, the game became illegal in the country. In fact, any person playing this game in the streets would be imprisoned by the authorities.

In spite of all these adversities, the game still continued in an online version. There are several websites providing the Satta Matka game these days for you to choose from. This eliminated the requirement of any individual to pick the number from the vessel physically. There are many people participating in these types of online lottery games in India and in other parts of the world.

How Satta Matka came into being?

The history of this game dates back to ancient times unlike any other game out there. The term “Matka” is quite familiar in India and it implies a clay vessel which is going to be broken in spite of being hard. Moreover, it has the ability to store quite a few things within it. In historic times, this game was used by an individual known as Ratan Khatri was called the Matka king. He was responsible for opening the Matka number. This game has been operating for quite some time now in several parts of the world, particularly, India.

What are the types of Matka games out there?

The Matka game is available in various names in this country right now. Amongst these, the most well-known happen to be Worli Matka and Kalyan Matka. As many as 3 fresh Worli Matka games are running 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. On the other hand, the Kalyan Matka is practiced every single day within a week.


Despite the fact that gambling is considered to be illegal in India (apart from horseracing and lotteries) Satta Matka continues to be an extremely popular game which is played by individuals of all ages. Apart from being quite enjoyable, this game also helps many unemployed folks to earn their living in a legal way by playing the game online. However, make sure to choose an authentic and reliable website while playing Matka so that you will be assured of getting a favorable result eventually.