Best options to get an essay you need

Being able to write a good academic paper is not a type of skill every person can benefit from, however, a great part of assignments in educational institutions is connected with essays. Copywriting industry has hundreds of specialized platforms, like for example and independent authors to offer. All that is left to the customer is to decide whether he or she really needs to buy such a service and choose an appropriate option.

Why can independent authors be a viable option?

Many people believe that it is more convenient to choose a specialized website over an independent author to pay for the custom essays. However, there is no particularly best option here.

Benefits of working with independent author:

  • Your choice of the writer is not limited to the website’s staff. You can find any author you need, based on the topic of your essay and field of studies you are writing it for.
  • Even though the guarantees are not as high, usually independent authors offer their services on special platforms that have some rules too. Scams do not stay there for too long, due to various estimation systems and open comment sections.
  • You can find much more competitive prices for the same type of services. Independent authors do not need to pay an interest to the website they are working on, so they can afford to lower their prices.
  • Direct contact with the author during the writing process is guaranteed. You can easily discuss all the details and explain the nuances to get the very essay you needed.


Buying an essay or any other type of academic paper has become very common nowadays. Customers have numerous options, including specialized websites or independent authors to choose from. It is essential to consider all the advantages and drawbacks before paying.