How to Become a Better Student?

If you think that a TOP student is someone who reads textbooks from cover to cover and doesn’t miss lectures, you don’t know anything about them. According to statistics, up to 20% of the best students in the USA and Europe universities do not always do their homework.

Here’s what helps them to succeed:

  • Google

Perfect-result students don’t rely only on books, they Google. Moreover, they Google literally everything: examples from practice, notes of the authors of textbooks, lectures and books of the professor, new concepts, research materials and topics of last year’s exams.

  • Educational “diet”

It is better to take knowledge little by little, but every day. Brief “swims” through books and knowledge help you to concentrate better.

  • Answers on questions

The best students are always looking for their own way. They do not try to remember how others solved this or that issue, and do not agree with generally accepted statements. They ask themselves what would I do? And most importantly, why? And a hundred other questions that involve the topic and allow you to better understand the problem.

  • Tests

Tests are a great way to put things in your head and figure out where your knowledge gap is. Plus, the more you practice, the less exciting the exam looks. After all, this is the 150th test for you, not the first.

  • Secret assistants

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