Parental support plays a great role in the life of pre-teens and teens as it is an age when most changes take place in a child’s life. Changes occur in almost all the areas like physical and mental wellbeing to habits, to the way of perceiving things and whatnot. Even the school gets changed from an elementary to a middle school during this time. These changes can be so fast and so unexpected that the parents might not realize the areas where most involvement is required. Despite this, parents can always prepare themselves for navigating their child in this phase of their life, and Southwood learning is one such platform that promotes awareness and thus helps in preparing your child for middle school.  

The following ways suggested by Southwood learning help you and your child in preparing for the middle school in a better way.

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences and Back to School Night.

It is seen that preteens and teens do much better in their academics when their parents are involved in it. Attending a parent-teacher conference or a meeting is one such way of staying well informed. These can be held once or twice a month or may take place only on some occasions when a change in a child’s behavior or degradation in grades is seen. 

Southwood learning also advises the parents to attend the ‘Back to school night Night’ in the commencement of a new session to know more about the teachers and their expectations.

  • Regular visits to School and its Website.

The understanding and knowledge about physical layout, buildings, classrooms, office, auditorium, cafeteria, playgrounds, etc can help parents in conversing in a better way when their child shares about a day’s event. 

Regular visits to the website will keep the parents updated about the curriculums, assignments, exams, and other activities.

  • Support in meeting the homework requirement.

During middle school days homework load increases hence it is advisable for parents to make sure that your child has a quiet, well-lit, distraction-free place to study which is stocked with school supplies. And they should be distraction-free that is there should be no cell phones, TVs or websites other than sources which might help in their homework.

  • Prepare your child for Social transition.

At the teenage, teenagers rely more on their peers than their parents. There are possibilities of finding it difficult to make new friends. They can even start feeling inferior and lonely. Therefore, Southwood learning emphasizes the importance of a varied social environment where a child meets a different kind of people, students, and personalities. This can be made possible by making your child join different classes, student clubs, musical societies, and sports.


James Sullivan
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