IB Programme: Finding the Best IB Schools for Better Tomorrow

People always talk about how quality education can help you succeed in life. They always stress that education can help you live a better life. As you grow up, you’ve heard your parents, random stranger, or your teachers saying that the best education will transform you into a better person. Therefore, a person helps a community and society. A person that inspires other people to do good deeds. We know that education sounds promising and hopeful. However, it does indeed make a difference.

The question is: how can you look for the best quality education? Well, it is understandable that you are looking for the answer. As a parent, you want quality education for your child. So, if you are a first-time parent, allow this article to guide you on how to find the top IB school in Singapore. With this, you can see how an IB programme moulds your child into the person he/she wants to become.

How IB Programme Contribute to the Growth and Development of a Child

What is an IB Programme? IB Programme provides students from all over the world an education that fits globalisation. It is an opportunity for young learners to have a skill set that makes them adaptable to the changes. IB schools develop the social, personal, intellectual and emotional skills of a student.

There are also four programmes in IB schools: Primary Years Programme (ages 3 to 12), Middle Years Programme (ages 11 to 16), Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme (ages 16–19). Now, let’s see how the IB programme contributes to the growth and development of a child.

Passion for Learning

A student from IB schools will develop a passion for learning outside and inside the classroom. With this, the student will grow into a person that values the importance of discovering things and gaining new experiences. Along the journey of a person, it is inevitable to face challenges and problems. However, a student with the value of an IB programme will use his/her passion for learning to turn adversity into an advantage.

By having a brave heart and soul, the student will have the courage to take risks and opportunities. As you can see, life is unpredictable. Hence, the student will be able to adapt and formulate solutions to solve problems. All of these can help them achieve their goals and dreams with their passion for learning. After all, learning makes a person humble because they are willing to listen and understand other people.

More Opportunities in the Future

As you can see above, a person from the top IB school in Singapore is ready to face challenges with discipline and passion for learning. Hence, universities or colleges have a higher acceptance for the students of IB schools. If you look at the IB results in Singapore, graduates also increase their opportunities of having scholarships. As a result, the student will have more career opportunities in the future. It means it can contribute to his/her success. And, of course, the power of helping others with the knowledge from an IB programme.

Quality education helps a person attain a respectable status in society. If you want to give your child this opportunity, you should know how to look for the right IB schools for an investment in his/her future. Read in the next section what are the things you need to consider.


How To Find the Right School

Finding the right school can make a difference in a student’s future. Hence, it is a big decision for most parents. On the positive side, there are many options for the best schools in Singapore. You can choose the top IB schools, Catholic schools and many more! Fortunately, this section will help you narrow down your choices to find the right school.


Tuition Fee

Of course, the first thing you need to consider is the tuition fee. Even if your child is accepted into a school, you also need to consider if you can afford it. Remember that it is difficult to allow your child to study in an expensive school, but you have financial problems. Well, investing in your child does not always involve money. However, you can be smart when choosing a school by applying for grants and scholarships.

Fortunately, many IB schools in Singapore offer scholarships for students. So, make sure you grab this opportunity and let your child know that he/she has a better future with the best education. Also, don’t feel sad if you can’t enrol your child in the top IB school in Singapore. More schools offer quality education. You only have to find that will suit your budget and personal preferences.


After finalising the tuition, you also need to consider the location of the school. Do you need a car or public transportation? How long before you arrive at the school? Is it in the centre of a city or a suburb location? Well, there are many things to consider when choosing IB schools in Singapore. This way, it will be more convenient for you to go to the school of your child.

For this reason, your child will avoid late and punctuality issues, which means he/she will have a satisfactory disciplinary record. Therefore, the school experience of your child will be more memorable and pleasant. Keep in mind that the school experience also includes friends, academic achievements and teacher participation. So, as a parent, help your child enjoy his school life at the top IB school in Singapore.

Social Culture: Diversity and Inclusivity

As we enter modern society, most people value diversity, including gender, race, and other qualities. In this new decade, you can notice that society values gender equality and inclusivity. Hence, find IB schools with a diverse culture that embraces differences and uniqueness. For this reason, your child will widen his appreciation of various cultures and traits. Luckily, an IB programme includes lessons that will teach students other languages and cultures.

For this reason, they will develop an understanding of other people. The students will know that everyone, regardless of race or gender, has a valuable contribution to society. As a result, students from IB schools will increase empathy and understanding of the world around them. Open their minds that there is beauty with diversity.

Acceptance Rates

When choosing a school, you should know the acceptance rate of the students for colleges and universities. Remember that you are looking for a school that will impact the future of your child. Hence, find a school that has a higher acceptance rate to colleges. With this, you can ensure that your child will have more career opportunities in the future.

Luckily, most IB schools in Singapore have an advantage when it comes to applying to universities. If you look at the IB results, you can see that their students are ready to take higher education. To do so, you can ask the school principal about the acceptance rates, so you can have peace of mind that your child will have many options after graduating.

School Programs

After checking the school environment and acceptance rates, you should also know the school programs. The school program should integrate learning and activities that will engage your child. The school should also provide programs that will mould the passion of your child. Do they have programs for book lovers? Or Does the school offer sports activities? You should check if the IB schools are offering programs that ignite passion and stands as an inspiration.

After all, a school is not always about academics. Sometimes, you also have to look for extracurricular activities. Keep in mind that the best schools value the different talents and skills of their students. Math, music, arts or science are all valuable skills. The top IB school will instil that everyone has a contribution to the betterment of their community.

Personal Preference

In the end, what will matter the most is your personal preference. Are you comfortable studying with co-eds or secular? Do you want a religious school or IB schools? There are many factors to consider. Hence, listen to the preference of your child. If you do so, it will contribute to his/her school experience. With the factors to consider above and your personal preferences, you will find the applicable school for your child.

If you have decided where to enrol your child, you should know how to prepare him for his first day. With this, you can ease his/her anxieties for the first-day school preparations. In doing so, your child will enjoy more his school experience with IB schools in Singapore. Now, read in the next section the tips for preparing your child for the first days of school.


How To Prepare Your Child for the First Days of School

Starting a new school year is difficult for most children. They are hesitant to meet new people and go to new places. As a result, your child will feel anxious. If your child is still timid to get out of his/her comfort zone, use this section as your guide to preparing your child for the first day in the top IB school in Singapore.


Attend School Orientation

Now that you have chosen a school for your child, you should also attend school orientation for parents. This way, you’ll know more about the school policy, rules and regulations. In doing so, you will know the things you need to do before the school year starts. In the orientation, find out some basic rules like where children can take their lunch, where they can play and what uniform to wear. For this reason, you will help your child prepare and ease anxiety by knowing the school values.

Most IB schools in Singapore have the experience to handle different students. Hence, they know the solutions when a student feels nervous on his/her first day. When a student feels relaxed, he/she will gain new friends and connect with teachers. So, make sure to attend school orientations if they offer them!

Initiate Play Dates

Before the school year begins, you can talk with other parents to initiate play dates among the children. It will help them to be familiar with their classmates on the coming first day. For sure, it would help ease their anxiety because they already made friends. It would also help your child to get out of his/her comfort zone.

Nonetheless, you can talk with your child to relax and enjoy his first day of school. Also, remember that friendship may take time to develop, so let the children have their pace of knowing each other. If the IB schools have gardens or playgrounds, you can ask the school if the children can use it to play and build friendship.

Set a Routine

Weeks before school starts, you should establish a routine with your child to prepare for school. Limit his screen time and set an early bedtime routine. This way, you will prepare his body clock to sleep and wake up earlier for the school day. After all, a night of adequate sleep is vital for school performance.

Therefore, inform your child that sleep is essential for school activities because it gives enough energy and strength for the rest of the day. In doing so, your child will get the most of his experience at the top IB school in Singapore.


IB Programme: A Bridge to Better Tomorrow

For multiple generations, education is a bridge for a better tomorrow. Your grandparents and parents have told you how education can shape the future of a person. The power of education is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the real world. So, as a parent, start investing with IB schools that open more doors for their students.

By partnering with NPS International School, the top IB School will establish a foundation for the growth and development of your child. Hence, your child will reap fruitful rewards because of the IB programme values and lessons for the coming years.

Well, to know more about their IB Programme, visit their website to start building your child’s future.