How Should Parents Prepare Their Child for an IB Primary School?

There is no doubt that every parent wants the best for their children. Besides giving enough warmth and love, they also give importance to their education.  As a parent yourself, you know that the quality of knowledge your child gains in their early years would influence their overall development. It also affects the self-reliance that they need, so they know how to deal with their problems in the future. That is why as much as possible you are careful of choosing which school you should let your child learn to. 

Though the process of searching for the best one may take you a while to find, it will be worth it in the long run. That is why parents such as yourself should not compromise with your decision. You have to look for an institute that could give quality education, like an International Baccalaureate (IB) primary school in Singapore.

Choosing IB as your child’s primary school will give them a learning environment that fosters values. To further persuade you why you should opt for IB, here is a recap of the reasons why.

  • Exposure to global culture.
  • Equip students for university or college.
  • Foundation for a bright future.
  • Gain personal development.
  • Train to be leaders of tomorrow.

Now, are you more convinced to choose IB as the primary school for your child in Singapore? Then you should know that our country was able to produce 99 perfect scorers in IB exams this year, and your child might become one of them in the future if you choose to let them join one right now.


How Can You Help Your Child Succeed at an IB Primary School?

Besides being their parent, you are also their first and most important teacher. When parents like you and teachers get involved in their life at school, they will do a better job of learning things. The truth is, many studies show that lack of parental involvement and interest can lead to the educational failure of their child. Of course, to not let that happen to your little one, you should get yourself involved. Start as early as now that they are still in their primary years. 

Here are some ways to get yourself involved at the IB primary school of your child in Singapore. 

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Develop Relationships with Your Child’s Teachers.

Meet the Teachers in Person.

As soon as the school year begins, try to find a way to meet the teachers who will teach your child in his IB primary years programme (PYP) in Singapore. Once you have met them, let the teachers know that you want to help your child with his studies. Make it clear that you want them to contact you if something happens. 

Keep in mind that talking with the IB teachers offer tips on how you can help your child with their studies. If you feel uncomfortable speaking English, you can communicate with them in your mother tongue. Fret not since most IB teachers are polyglot. They mostly know how to converse in two or more languages. That means they will most likely understand your words of concerns. 

Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Just like most schools, the IB primary school in Singapore also has parent-teacher conferences each year. This meeting is letting all of the guardians know about the behaviours of their child. Here, they will discuss with you what are the things your child needs to improve in the next school year. You could also address the problems you notice or have in mind so the IB teachers could correct and improve them.

When attending a parent-teacher conference, you should go there at least fifteen to thirty minutes ahead of time. Doing so would give you time to prepare yourself. Fret not since all you need to do is talk with your child and prepare a list of questions. These preparations would help you a lot once the meeting starts. But in case you do not understand anything, you may ask the IB teachers to explain them to you. 

Support Your Child Academically

Find Out How’s Your Child at School.

Since you know who their IB teachers are, ask them how well your child is doing in class compared to other children his age. You could either meet them in person or send them an email. Either way would do for you to know the status of your child. 

If the IB teachers told you that your child is not keeping up with his studies, ask them what you can do to help. Their bits of advice would help you a hand in solving the problem of your child. Just make sure that when the IB teachers say something, you should take their words rationally.

Help Your Child with Their Homework

If you notice your child is having trouble with their homework, you should consider lending them a hand. Keep in mind that helping your child with his assignments would encourage them to do better so you could praise them in return.

Make sure that when doing homework with your child, there are no distractions nearby. Besides turning the television off, you should also ask them to turn their smartphone off. Doing these things would help your child to focus more on their assignments. 

Hire Them a Tutor if Needed.

While you want to help your child with his homework, certain times do not allow you to do it. Sometimes, the more you get yourself involved, the more you would get in the way. Such things could happen if you have no idea how to help them with their studies. That is why if it is hard for you to help your child, hire them a tutor.

You may ask the IB PYP in Singapore if they know someone who can help your child with his studies. For sure, after asking them, they will recommend some older students or IB teachers that have free time to do tutoring lessons. 

You can do more than these if you want to help your child further. Doing so would give them a hand to succeed more and have a brighter future than their peers. But make sure you are not overdoing it. Otherwise, that would displease your child. To prevent that, consider asking them to let you know when you are getting involved too much.


Return to School | How to Prepare Your Child This Pandemic?

During the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought change to the world. It puts humanity in a vulnerable state, whereas even children could feel it. They did since some schools turn to virtual learning, and others change their in-person classes. Because of these changes, these children have forced themselves to adapt to the new normal. Most of them have to stay at home and learn through their laptops. 

Thankfully, this academic year, students can now go to school and learn in person. However, with the new environment and guidelines, most students no doubt feel nervous and excited. As a parent yourself, you should know what you should do to prepare your child to return to school.

Here are some pointers you need to keep in mind.


If You Are Okay, So Will Your Child.

Going back to school often means falling into a familiar routine, but now is a different story. Everything your child used to do is no longer something they do now without proper precaution. These days, they have to think more than twice before doing anything. Also, they should always wear their face mask even inside the IB primary school in Singapore. 

That is why if your little one is feeling nervous about returning to school, reassure them with calm words. Let them know and feel that it is safe. They need to comply with the safety measures for them to be safer. 

You should know that once your child notices you are okay with the current situation, they will become more at ease about going back to school. 

Give Them Clues of What They Can Expect.

Before your child returns to his IB PYP in Singapore, you should let them know what changes they will experience. Giving them a heads up would help your child a lot. Not only will it prevent them from getting shocked and overwhelmed about the changes, but your briefing will also help them to adapt quickly.

When giving them clues, you may use situational questions. That would help you know what actions they will take in case that happens to them. Make sure when you are letting them know what they can expect, they are listening to you. Otherwise, your explanations will be useless.

Encourage Your Child to Face Their Worries.

If the period of isolation can make adults feel anxious, the more it would be for children. It is not a surprise that these young minds would feel worried about returning to school. As a parent, you have to help your child so they would not feel anxious and could hold the bigger picture of the current situation. 

It might be a hard thing to do at first. But as soon as you find out why your child feels like that, it will be easier for you to calm their nerves. Make sure when encouraging your child to face their worries, you are there to rest assured them.

Always Find Time to Listen to Them.

As much as you want your child to listen to you, the more they want you to listen to them. That is why when you notice your child being different when you tell them about returning to school, slowly they know that you are there to listen to their concern. Rest assured your child that no matter what they say, you will not get angry. Make them feel that you can help them find the solution to their problem. 

Motivate Them to Talk.

As you already know, sometimes, children find it hard to talk about the things they have in mind. They might not be able to find the right words to express it, but they have something to say. As a parent yourself, you encourage them to speak up. You could do that by asking them questions about their views of returning to the IB primary school they are going to in Singapore. Here are some questions parents like you could ask your child for them to talk.

  • What are you looking forward to once you return to IB PYP classes in Singapore?
  • What do you think, would you be okay?
  • What can we do to help you feel more comfortable going back to school?

Above anything else, always make yourself available. Since returning to school is not easy, you should be there for your child. Remember that your presence alone can help them be at ease going to their IB primary school in Singapore. That is why you should always make time for them. 


How to Choose the Right IB Primary School in Singapore?

If you have not registered your child at any IB primary school in Singapore, it is still not too late to do it now. Since the new academic school year recently starts, your child still has time to catch up. To give you a hand with your search, here are simple and easy-to-follow steps; 

  • Look for an IB primary school in Singapore that offers a private school bus service. This amenity will keep your child safe from going to school and back home. Apart from this service, make sure they also have CCTV and other security measures inside. 
  • From then, you can narrow down your option and choose the one that meets your budget and location.
  • Confirm if your chosen IB primary school also has IBDP in Singapore. IBDP means International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, whereas students from 16 to 19 prepare themselves to get into excellent universities. If they have this, you would not have to worry about preparing your child for his college days in the future.

Nevertheless, enrol your child at a reliable IB primary school like Hillside World Academy. They are well-known for their global teaching experience that helps countless students achieve their dreams and goals in life. To learn more about them, visit their website and Facebook page today!