Makeup Camera app for Android

At the inception stage of photography people took up to it as a proffetion. Photography then was expensive as its main device the Camera and other accessories were. People had to visit a studio to take photos. If they needed to make the captures live had to hire a photographer to do the job. Since the images were captured on film rolls in the camera, they had to be developed in the studio which take some time.

In today’s context can anyone believe this? With progressive years digital cameras were introduced. This was the beginning of an era where further technological developments started at a rapid pace in the photography industry. These developments made photography to be more accessive with less costs making the industry to be more popular than ever.

The ultimate has happened. With the development of photography App’s that could be installed in the indispensable smartphone used by almost everyone in the world, clicking has become child’s play. It is believed photography via the smartphone is one of the functions with the highest indulgence of people around the world. To bring in more joy and satisfaction to all is that all in one super Make Up Camera – Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor App. Take a brief look at the App’s easy on, super features.

Features of Makeup Camera App

SELFIE–without batting an eyelid, capture selfies as you wish. No Worries. With the Make Up Camera’s eloquent features will bring in the best effects to those selfies. With over 100 + Motion Funny Stickers make an image to look funny.

FACE MAKE UP –couldn’t be any better with the widest choice of selection of beauty ingredients offered. Apply the right colours, tones and shapes to the Hair,Eyes,Eyebrows,Eyelids,Cheeks,Chin. Lift up the cheeks if want to.

SKIN–get the right smoothness with foundation, making any natural flaws like acne or scars to disappear. Your skin will glow.

With DARKENING EFFECTSmakes possible any retouching to be done on the images to hide any flaws in the background of the image if necessary. With this the image will be Picture Perfect.

AMAZING REAL TIME filters. Makeup Camera will make the original image to come out perfect the very first time.

SLIMMING– made possible to re shape facial features. Make the overall face to look thinner. Sharpen any particular feauture like the nose If want to.


These types of camera apps are commonly called as beauty camera apps. Because those apps add layer of beauty to face or scene. B612, YouCam Perfect and Candy Camera apps are the best alternatives available for this makeup camera app.

Live and Enjoy the Life of Photography to the hilt, with Makeup Camera App in your smartphone. Life need not get restricted. Click, make up and boost up those images to the Max with this super chilling App. Viewing all of it will be a pleasure and fun, anytime, anywhere with the family or friends. Reach out for this app right away and start to relax with fun and satisfaction right away. Hurry and have some fun!

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