Styling Etiquette For A Job Interview

A job interview is a selection process in which the person seeking employment meets with the employer. In this meeting, the employer checks if the person applying for a job is competent or not. First impressions are last impressions, especially in a job interview context. Generally, a job interview requires you to wear professional or business attire.

Why Are Your Clothes Important In A Job Interview?

Your dressing sense and etiquette make a lasting impression on the interviewer, and they are determining factors in an interview. Your dress code has a direct impact on the effect you make on the interviewers. Failing to dress appropriately means you lack respect for yourself and the people you are meeting. Suppose you were wondering how to dress for a job interview. We have got the clothing guide to slay your job interview (แต่งตัวไปสัมภาษณ์งานยังไงดี, which is the term in Thai) for you.

We Have A Perfect Clothing Guide To Slay Your Job Interview.

For the uninitiated, we have a perfect layout to help you choose appropriate clothing for formal settings such as job interviews:

  • A suit jacket, a plain shirt and a tie with trousers would be suitable for men.
  • Give preference to dark-colored shoes over light-colored ones
  • There are many options in regards to shoes such as black loafers or dress shoes with lace-ups Oxfords, lace-up dress shoes or other shoes with a closed toe.
  • Be sure to wear mid-calf-length socks that match the color of your trousers.
  • For women, a blouse and dress pants, a formal dress or a pantsuit are appropriate.
  • Women must pay attention to their footwear and think about the lace-up option for fabric or leather, or slip-on dresses.
  • Shoes like flats or low-heel pumps, with robust, wide heels in white, black or any color that complements your outfit could be worn..
  • Interview suits should be simple and use muted colors like black, brown, and grey.
  • Avoid heavy makeup. A little foundation, lipstick of simple colors like red, and simple eye makeup are more than enough.
  • Wear a conservative blouse with your suit, preferably in muted colors.

Do’s And Don’t

Since the basics of formal clothing are clear, let us now discuss a few do’s, and dont’s to keep in mind while dressing up for formal events:

  • Do not wear bright colors, any types of prints, lacy, sheer, or low-cut.
  • Beware of casual clothing such as flip-flops wedge sandals, jeans that are ripped or tank tops, shorts, sandals, halter tops etc.
  • Pay close attention to the state of your shoes before entering the interview room. They should not be scuffed or have mud or filth on them.
  • Make sure the shoes are polished.
  • Pay close attention to the state of your tie, cufflinks, hair tie, and other accessories.
  • If wearing accessories, make sure it is appropriately arranged.
  • Get a shave and haircut so that your appearance looks neat.
  • Trim your fingernails.

Follow this clothing guide to slay your job interview, and you will succeed in future job interviews.