All women who bear and give birth have one problem in common: people are interested in them until the baby is born. Then all the attention shifts to the newborn and no one else pays attention to the woman. Often, after giving birth, there is neither the energy nor the will to do anything. This is fundamentally wrong, because it is important to remember that with the birth of the child the surrogate’s life should go on as it did before the pregnancy.

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Often postnatal recovery in our country involves, at best, physiological data that needs to be brought back to normal, with very little attention paid to psychology. And this is only half of the problem: many women after the birth of a child, especially surrogate mothers, who already go through a difficult psychological period, do not pay due attention even to the physiological recovery. And it is in vain: it is not the process of pregnancy or childbirth itself, but the first few months afterwards that play the most important role in the recovery of the organism after childbirth.

Meanwhile, even the calculation of maternity leaves necessarily allocated 70 days before childbirth and the same 70 days after childbirth. This is not an accident, but a very good idea that you should pay attention to.

In Singapore, for example, even nowadays, a special nanny is hired for a woman who is expecting a baby. You are not mistaken: a nanny for the woman, not for the baby. This nanny will start communicating with the family a few days before the birth and will then help the woman to recover from the birth of the baby. The tasks of such a nanny for the mother include seeing to it that her ward is comfortable, the need to cook delicious and healthy food for her, to carry out special procedures and so on. Such a nanny will stay with the family for at least 3 months and, if possible, even six months. It is believed that this is the amount of time needed for the mother’s body to fully recover after childbirth.


Surrogate mothers have the advantage that after giving birth the child is handed over to the biological parents and there is no need to take care of the newborn. This means that a surrogate mother can and should devote maximum time to her own health and well-being. Certainly, the tradition of hiring a nanny for the mother does not exactly belong in our country, but that does not mean that a woman should immediately return to her job or daily duties after the birth of her child.

Remember that the normal recovery period after childbirth takes at least three months. Even if it is not possible to take care of only yourself for so long, in any case the surrogate mother should spend the first few weeks after labour in peace and quiet, ideally in almost bed rest. Under no circumstances should you go back to work immediately after giving birth or immediately start doing household chores at the same pace as you did before the programme.

Ideally, you should allow yourself a few months to recover. This may seem shocking to people with our mentality, but remember: your body gave all it could to the baby for all 9 months, then went through the serious stress of childbirth. Didn’t your body deserve 3 months of rest after almost a year of paying attention only to the baby-to-be?