Why Your Child Should Take H2 Math Tuition In Singapore

Before you look for a maths tuition centre in Singapore to help your child with their academic requirements, your child must have made important decisions regarding their career path and what subjects to take. When entering junior college, Singaporean students have the freedom to choose various subjects and check which ones are necessary for their future jobs. This stage of their education is highly important should they want to become competitive and desirable people in the workforce.

If your child is at this point in their educational journey, it is your duty as parents to assist them in choosing the right subjects and levels they need to take in the future.

A primer to the A levels in Singapore

As early as primary school, many children are already gearing up for the kind of education and occupation they wish to have in the future. By the time they enter junior college, they should already have an idea of what they want to take for their higher education. In essence, junior college is treated much like a stepping stone for university.

The A level subjects in Junior college comes in H1, H2, and (occasionally) H3 levels. This is true for both science or arts- stream subjects. H stands for Higher and the numbers stand for the level of difficulty or scope, with 3 being the highest. In terms of mathematics, H2 math tuition will cover more challenging topics than those in H1 level maths tuition.

Why you should take choosing A levels more seriously


What’s the importance of helping your child choose which H2 subjects they will take? What’s the difference between, say, an  H2 or H1 math tutor and why should your child take these subjects seriously? Well, there’s a very simple yet practical reason for the division. Most universities will have prerequisites for their courses before they’re allowed to take them. Higher levels for certain subjects are required to be taken before your child is accepted into the program. If they do not take the correct subjects or A levels, they might not be able to enrol in the course they want to enter.

Different programs will have different requirements. For example, an engineering programme might require your child to have completed H2 level maths, while H2 economics might be able to help you in programmes that deal with business.

The majority of students choose science streams (meaning a stream containing more than one H2 level science subject) because it opens doors to many STEM-related subjects, such as computer sciences, mechanical engineering, and more. A science stream in junior college is also desirable for both business and medicine-related careers.

And at the root of many science-based career paths is mathematics, which is why selecting H2 mathematics as a possible subject and going to the best H2 math tuition centre in Singapore can give you an edge.

What is H2 Mathematics, and why should your child take it?


Okay, maybe your child hasn’t decided whether they want to go to a STEM course yet. Or maybe they’re not interested in going down a career path that doesn’t require hard maths. Is there any good reason for taking H2 mathematics? What are the differences between H1 and H2 level mathematics? Knowing the difference can make it easier for you to look for a maths tutor that can fit your needs.

First off, H1 level mathematics covers only roughly half of the topics covered in H2 mathematics. Judging by this, it is easy to conclude that the scope of H2 maths is broader and focuses on more complex mathematical concepts than H1 mathematics. Students not only need to have a great understanding of the topics present in H1 mathematics, but also be able to analyse and apply them in given situations, and also keep up with a larger volume of work. For example, in H2 level mathematics, you deal with 2 exam papers, while in H1, students only deal with one.

A maths tuition centre in Singapore dealing with H2 level maths will cover the more complex topics present at this level. So who benefits from this objectively more difficult subject? Well, taking maths at the H2 level can help your child possess a level of knowledge suitable for many courses. It doesn’t just make you eligible to get into various STEM programmes, it’s vital for people going into the field of medicine, economics, sciences, and more. H2 level maths equip you with skills related to problem-solving and critical thinking that is related to the real-world situations that people in these industries and fields encounter every day.

If your child happens to be going to any STEM field, they shouldn’t think twice about taking H2 mathematics and getting the best H2 math tuition in Singapore. Many STEM-based programmes and disciplines require computational skills, data analysis, and an understanding of statistics. These are topics that your child will encounter in-depth when they take H2 mathematics.

Don’t know if your child will benefit from H2 mathematics? The best course of action is not to wait last minute and help them do some research on the programme they want to get into. Different universities will provide a glimpse of what students can expect in their curriculum and whether H2 mathematics is a requirement to be able to enter the programme. After checking its details, students should be able to decide whether they need H1 or H2 mathematics.

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