The importance of music and hot stripper performances

Ask anyone what their favourite thing is about a strip club performance it might range from the dancer’s moves, the body, the costumes – maybe you like seeing a variety of women all trying to entertain a few men. Does the way she moves, the clothes she wears, and even the tattoos she has decided to adorn her body with stimulate your imagination? Every man knows what they like when a stripper ticks all the hotness boxes. Everyone has their own preference but everyone can agree that the one thing that speaks to many people is the music. Music makes you move. You either bop along to the beat or the dancer on stage gives the best performance to that particular song. You might forget a particular dancer but it won’t be easy to forget the music that resulted in the wildest lap dance you have ever experienced.

You can think of music as the seasoning that gives off a particular flavour. It is what cream is to peaches. Maybe it’s the lyrics, the bass line, the singer or whatever emotion a particular song evokes music in a Melbourne strip club is more than just background noise, it enhances the performance and gives it extra spice. It will stick in your head long after you’ve left. Gentlemen’s clubs have survived through different musical eras, the clubs themselves evolved with the music over the years. The styles change and so do the DJs. Music sets the mood and the ambiance and even though it has changed so much over the years, some songs have become classics and are featured consistently in most DJs’ setlists. One song that comes to mind that has been played in a lot of clubs is Def Leppard’s ”Pour Some Sugar On Me” that was part of the band’s Hysteria album in 1987.

The lyrics are sexy and suggestive. Its rhythm makes it a great pole dance song and it has been a popular song since it blew up in 1988. Every hot stripper around the world has danced to these songs:

Closer – Nine Inch Nails’ Closer released in 1994 which has kept its popularity because of its seductive lyrics and its versatility. It’s slow and great for times when there are fewer customers and fast when the place is packed and more energy is required. Then there’s Motley Creu’s Girls, Girls, Girls which is a flat-out tribute to the world’s strip clubs. It has endured as a favourite for more than 30 years.

Before you think that all the classic strip club songs are by rock and heavy metal groups then remember the bouncy and catchy hip hop ”Hot in here” by Nelly. The lyrics are about having fun with sexy girls in a club. Just in case anyone thought that was going to be the only old classic hip hop strip club song then you would have been wrong. So, enjoy yourself and have a good night out at a local Melbourne strip club.

50 Cent released ”Candy Shop”, Jay-Z’s came out with ”I just Wanna Love You” and it was specific and explicitly mentioned two popular strip clubs Club Cheetah in Atlanta and Club Amnesia. With the entrance of the likes of Nicki Minaj, hip hop evolved and became more sexualised. A lot of musicians have been coming out with songs was stripper-focused lyrics music. One could even say the whole genre of hip hop and pop has changed or that there is a whole new genre that’s coming out with quintessential stripper vibes. Think Lizzo, Cardi B – are popular because they sing about girls doing their thing in a Melbourne strip club and on strip club poles. Is the music popular because of its shock value or because it is that good? Is this what will eventually dethrone the likes of Def Leppard, AC/DC classics, or just some temporary flash in the pan? Only time will turn but until then, we will keep enjoying the same stripper music played in conventional clubs and winning Grammy awards. These are interesting times.