The Secret of MOTORIZED BLINDS to protect your furniture, floors, and art:

The secret to benefit of motorized blinds can provide is protecting furniture, floors, and valuable art from harmful sunlight. When the sun streams through your windows, it may provide your cat with a comfortable sleeping patch, but over time it can wash away any vibrant colors that come its way. While you don’t want to live in a dark cave, closing the blinds during the lightest part of the day can extend the life of your furniture, carpets, and even wall paint! Sentimental family photos will also be protected from unwanted aging.

Of course, any window treatment worth its salt can protect your home’s interior from sun damage. However, many people simply neglect to change the position of their blinds to match the position of the sun because it is repetitive and boring and requires you to be at home. Motorized blinds take care of these problems automatically and are your perfect partner when it comes to protecting your furniture and valuables from sun damage.

Now that you know a little more about the benefits you can expect from installing motorized blinds in your home or outdoor space, it’s time to do a little more research before you sign on the dotted line. If you think motorized blinds are in your future, it makes sense to start thinking about your budget, whether you want to motorize all the window treatments in your home or just certain rooms and where this project falls into your home remodeling or renovation budget. With so many benefits on the horizon, you’ll soon love your home even more!

Maximize the space in your home

While motorized window treatments won’t make your home look bigger, they can make all the spaces in your home more usable. This is perhaps even more valuable! A living room that doubles as a home theater? 

A bedroom that feels tight at night but lets the sun in just in time to gently wake you up? Motorized blinds screens to turn your porch into a welcoming outdoor space? Motorized blinds make it easy for spaces in your home to do double duty at the push of a button. And that’s just the indoor spaces!

By adding motorized outdoor shading solutions to your outdoor spaces, you can create defined spaces that are not limited by the weather. Motorized pergolas and awnings are fantastic ways to maximize the comfort and utility of your outdoor space. do you want the sun to Retract the awning or shades on the pergola? When you don’t want the sun, close the cover and you’ll have a comfortable, shaded spot. Just like your indoor motorized solutions, your outdoor motorized solutions can be controlled by remote or smart devices. Relaxing in the yard has never been so good!

Safety motorized blinds for windows: 

When you go out of town for a vacation or a long weekend, do you stop at the post office or ask a neighbor to pick up the morning paper? If you do, you probably realize that you’re taking simple but important steps to make your home a little safer. Motorizing your window blinds can be a similar way to increase the appearance of someone being home: When something in your home changes, whether it’s the light or the position of your blinds, it can make it look like someone has been in the house recently. Home. It could be less of a target and can also prevent someone from snooping.

When you’re away, turn the motorized blinds on a timer or simply change the position from your smart device a few times a week. Using app control, you can even set a ‘holiday mode’ to keep your motorized blinds and shades moving throughout the day to mimic the original look and keep your home safe. (As we discussed above, if you want to get the most out of your motorized blinds, ideally you’d raise and lower the motorized blinds more times with the sun, so the added security is just an added benefit!