A Quick Guide for Choosing the Best Preschool or Kindergarten in Singapore


Enrolling your children in one of the best kindergarten or preschool institutions in Singapore will provide them with a solid foundation for their schooling. A positive school atmosphere encourages students to come to school every day without throwing tantrums. Your search should not end by looking up ‘preschool or kindergarten near me’ on the internet. Keep reading to learn about the factors you need to consider and tips on choosing a preschool or kindergarten that meets all your requirements.


10 Factors to Consider in a Preschool or Kindergarten

Every parent wishes for the best education for their children. Children are ready to attend the reception class at the age of three. Furthermore, kindergarten should be a pleasant, cheerful transition for a child into regular school. One of the essential aims of kindergarten is the development of self-esteem. It is the process of making your child feel good about themself and confident in their capacity to face learning problems. The following are ten factors to consider before enlisting your child for preschool or kindergarten registration.

#1 Fees

Ensure you have a well-planned budget before you search for the best kindergarten or preschool in Singapore for your child. Choose a school that matches your budget and offers fair tuition according to its curriculum. It also prevents your child from skipping school due to fee arrears.

#2 School Location

A simple ‘kindergarten or preschool near me’ search can do the trick. However, it is not always efficient. After all, not everything you see is just as it is. Nevertheless, It will provide you with a list of schools with the shortest distance to your house. Finding one near home is preferable since you can drop them off and pick them up yourself.

#3 Schedule

It is essential to evaluate the operation hours to determine the best hours to attend preschool or kindergarten in Singapore. It can also make your child like going to school. Most institutions start courses between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. for a half-day and 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for a full day.

#4 Favourable Atmosphere

The best preschool or kindergarten in Singapore will offer your child a safe environment to learn, explore and play. Inspecting the amenities, including child-appropriate furniture, well-maintained and clean play area and classrooms, a spacious play space, and clean and comfortable resting areas are critical to your choice.

#5 Curricula

The most significant element to examine is the school curriculum. The best curriculum a preschool or kindergarten in Singapore can offer is one that can cultivate their curiosity and confidence. The preschool or kindergarten should give the children a well-thought-out educational plan.

#6 Safety

Choose the facility with the best security among the preschool or kindergarten facilities in Singapore. Ask about the safety regulations they provide for the protection of their pupils. The school should be gated in and have adequate guardians to prevent children from being lost or leaving the grounds.

#7 Staff Communication

There should be consistent parent-instructor engagement at the school. The best preschool or kindergarten choices around Singapore may accomplish this by sending out daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters. Class teachers should also provide a daily report on their development.

#8 Class Sizes

It is critical to understand the capacity of students per class and the student-teacher ratio. The best student-teacher ratio in preschool or kindergarten classes in Singapore sits between 10:1 and 20:1. The fewer the pupils in a class, the easier it is for the instructor to attend to each child.

#9 Hospitable Staff

Teachers and instructors will help the growth of your child. The best personnel at a preschool or kindergarten in Singapore should be well-trained, concerned about the children, smile at them, and engage freely with them.

#10 Extracurricular Activities

Consider the extracurricular activities the preschool or kindergarten provides. It is best to choose a preschool or kindergarten in Singapore where they may develop their skills and participate in various activities.



5 Tips for Finding a Fitting Preschool or Kindergarten

Lessons learned in kindergarten may last a lifetime. Kindergarten is a critical initial step in moving from toddlerhood and preschool to the ‘big kid’ stage. The following are five tips for finding the right preschool or kindergarten in Jurong and other parts of the island.

#1 Determine Your Educational Philosophy

Consider posing questions to yourself regarding your child’s education and objectives. The best preschool or kindergarten in Singapore shares your fundamental principles. It also contributes to developing a trusting connection between you and the personnel.

#2 Classroom Balance

The best preschool or kindergarten prospects around Singapore can offer a curriculum that balances several instructional emphasis points. They must prioritise academic learning, socio-emotional development, and physical play.

#3 Familial Needs

Every family is unique, and each child has specific requirements. It is critical to ensure that the school can meet your family and your demands. Consider the practicalities of sending your child there before deciding on the best preschool or kindergarten candidates around Singapore.

#4 Listen to Other Parents

Consult with parents who have been there and done that. It might be beneficial before deciding on a preschool or kindergarten in Jurong or other parts of the island. Start a conversation with parents at a local community event or PTO meeting. However, remember that things that did not work well for them could work well for you and your family.

#5 Schedule a Visit

The best way to determine if preschool or kindergarten prospects around Singapore are the best fit is by visiting their institution. Parents may put all of their internet research into context during the tour. A school visit can forge a connection with instructors and observe how pupils respond to the curriculum firsthand.

Find a Reputable Preschool or Kindergarten


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