Tinder Launches New Ad Campaign With Quirky Agency

Tinder has just launched a new campaign in time for Christmas and the crux of it is that uniqueness is a good thing.

The campaign focuses on the fact that we’re all different – and there’s someone out there for everyone.

The advertising agency behind the campaign is new to Tinder. Canada-based Mischief @ No Fixed Address is already well-known for their outsider thinking and this series of ads aims to throw the spotlight on what makes us different.

The ads, in the form of short videos, promote our differences – there’s someone into astral projection and someone who likes “watching hot dumb people”.

Greg Hahn,  co-founder and chief creative officer at Mischief @ No Fixed Address said, “It’s beautifully fitting that we found the perfect partners in a dating app,”

“The Tinder team has ambitious creative goals, wants to make a stir, and – most importantly – are just incredibly warm and fun people. We’re so happy we’re in this for the long haul.”

The You’re Not For Everyone campaign will be on UK social media with additional content on TV and streaming services in the USA.

Mischief is well-known for their work to date and have already made a splash working with Netflix, Kraft, Miller and Pfizer.

If we’re talking about actually making mischief, nobody who’s linked to Tinder knows about that better than former CEO Sean Rad.

Rad, currently embroiled in a high-profile lawsuit against Tinder, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

There was the time he was caught out offering money to key witnesses in the trial against Barry Diller of Match Group amid claims Diller had lowballed the worth of Tinder in order to scam Rad and others.

If that wasn’t enough, there was also the accusation that Rad recorded Tinder employees on the sly – apparently to catch one of them out so he could use it in evidence.

Rad’s reputation has been going downhill since the early days when he lost his position as Tinder CEO due to a debacle with Whitney Wolfe Herd who had been a co-founder of Tinder and received a payout in lieu of taking Tinder to court over her treatment at the hands of Rad and another Tinder executive, Justin Mateen.

After that tangle, you might be forgiven for thinking Rad would learn when to keep quiet, but no – he immediately went off on a strange tangent in an interview where he claimed all kinds of nonsensical things about how desirable he is to supermodels.

Tinder needs a good agency to manage their promotions and it seems, so does Rad!