Storing Gas In Cylinders, Safely And Securely With Wholesale Safety Storage

forklift gas bottles

propane tank delivery prescott az and gas cylinder cages will help you stay safe and compliant. They are used in various industries, including factories, warehouses, power stations, laboratories, workshops, and more. Wholesale Safety Storage gas bottle safety cages contain many safety elements to ensure that you and your workers remain safe while storing hazardous goods. On our forklift gas bottles storage cabinets, these features include safety chains and lockable doors for enhanced security. To raise workplace awareness, each safety cage is a bright yellow colour.

All of our forklift gas cylinder cages are also manufactured to Australian standards. Different heavy-duty storage cages are suitable for specific gas cylinders depending on the sort of gas cylinders you’re keeping. It is a non-negotiable goal to keep employees safe at work.

What Should You Be Looking For?

When investing in a secure gas storage solution, the type and volume of gas to be kept are the first to consider. The Australian Standard specifies the maximum volume that can be securely stored on-site. Once this has been determined (and the amount is within acceptable limits), the possibilities for cage type and size can be limited down to BBQ LPG, forklift LPG, or high pressure. Each of these cage types comes in a range of sizes to meet your specific needs. To ensure optimal safety for your team and workplace, look for a purpose-built gas cage that fulfils all Australian Standards criteria.

An Example Of Gas Storage

Forklift Gas Storage 

Safety Storage in Bulk Forklift Storage Gas Cages are exceptionally heavy-duty, made of steel, and intended exclusively to hold LPG cylinders for forklifts. These cages are secure and long-lasting, thanks to pad-lockable doors and a cylinder chain. Forklifts, warehouses, and industrial structures all go hand in hand. A logistical force multiplier for your business. Forklifts make it easier for your employees to carry things and reach spots that are difficult to grasp by hand, all while remaining reasonably safe. The only issue with forklifts is that they are dangerous by nature. Propane or natural gas are used to power the forklifts, and as a result, these fuels have the potential to create fires and explosions, resulting in injuries or property damage. Gas cylinders for forklifts are classed as Class 2 Dangerous Goods.

A pressurised vessel holds a chemical that is hidden within the cylinder you hold in your hand. If not handled appropriately, forklift gas cylinders can be extremely harmful. They can become genuine missiles, Firebombs, or explosives if pressure builds up inside them.

Storage of Forklift Gas Cylinders must be treated seriously by businesses that handle significant quantities of these commodities, whether for sale or for company usage. It’s critical to dispose of your forklift gas cylinders properly, but where and how you keep them could be a business-saving decision.

All of our dangerous goods stores (gas and aerosol cages, indoor safety cabinets, and outdoor dangerous goods stores) are designed and constructed in Melbourne, Australia, and are built to Australian Standards.

What are the risks involved?

  • Asphyxiation by oxygen displacement occurs in some non-toxic, non-flammable gases (e.g. nitrogen, carbon dioxide or argon).
  • The chemical features of gas cylinders pose a risk of fire or explosion if flammable gases are released near ignition sources (e.g. acetylene or liquid petroleum gas)
  • exposure to caustic or poisonous gases (e.g. anhydrous ammonia)
  • oxidising gases cause spontaneous combustion (e.g. oxygen or nitrous oxide)

Labelling your Gas Cylinders As Dangerous Goods Is A Wise Move

Finally, it’s critical to display the appropriate warning signs at your workplace.

As a result, ensure your cylinders are clearly marked as dangerous goods. Show the legally required placard to give people a visual warning of the gas’s dangers. Placard notices must be visible on the premises and in each facility or building where cylinders are handled or stored.

WSSA’s team of professionals are experts in the subject of dangerous goods storage, and if you’re looking to store Forklift Gas Bottles for recreational or commercial purposes, WSSA has the ideal solution for you. Contact us today!