Want to have a fun time in Chennai with family? Try these things out!


Chennai is the 4th largest city in the country and the industrial soul of South India. Besides, it is one of the 52 safest cities to live in, according to the BBC list. When I first visited this place, I had great expectations from the city and it surely stood up to all my expectations! Chennai has some incredible attractions that are just as much fun in the rain as they are under the sunny skies and you can enjoy them even more during the off-season when the crowd is less. However, if you are planning to visit here during the peak season, you can get your flight ticket booking done in advance to avoid last-minute availability hassle. That being said, let’s check out some of the most fun things that you can do with your family during the exploration.

Go for an evening stroll at the Marina Beach

An iconic place in the city of Chennai, Marina Beach is famous for its serene beauty, charming surroundings and coastline that stretches about 13 km, making it one of the longest beaches in the world. You will have an invigorating experience here watching the sunset while sitting on the sandy beach and munching on a pack of roasted peanuts. Trust me, you will fall in love with the experience you will witness here. There are plenty of food stalls available by the beach where you can satisfy your hunger-belly and enjoy fun rides with family such as pony rides and play beach volleyball. Besides, you can also visit the icehouse here and have a good time with your family. When I came here, I tried the authentic seafood at the nearby stalls and they were absolutely delicious to my taste buds.

Enjoy rides at the VGP Universal Kingdom

Earlier known as VGP Golden Beach, VGP Universal Kingdom is popular for providing thrilling experiences for both kids and adults and there is no comparison to it!! This spacious park provides a range of rides to satisfy every age group and assures to make one’s trip incredible on a visit. From scuba diving to a 35-metre-high roller coaster ride, you can fulfill your passion for an adrenaline high at this place. You can also explore the circus train, Aladdin, dashing car, water chute, balloon racer, doll kingdom, flying machine, jungle car and many more from your fun activities list! I went for the dashing car ride with my sister and it was so much fun to play along with other participants. With all the fun I had here, I surely recommend you to visit this place.

Experience Scuba diving at Covelong Beach

Covelong Beach is one of the best places to scuba dive in Chennai with its crystal clear water and exciting underwater marine life. The spectacular scuba diving activity here will give you the much-required underwater thrills that you will remember all your life. However, to experience scuba diving, you need to go through training and get familiarised with scuba equipment like oxygen tanks, regulators, snorkel, masks and fins. You can dive into the deep azure waters to swim between the multicoloured corals, fishes and other striking aquatic creatures and have an incredible journey under the water. Since my father always wanted to see the underwater creatures, he compelled us to try this activity. Although we were a bit hesitant at first, some experts guided us throughout. Based on my personal experience, you must try this activity with your family on your next visit.

Have a fun time in the Kishkinta Theme Park

Another amusement park that is popular amongst visitors of all age groups is the Kishkinta Theme Park. You can plan your weekend trip to this famous amusement park for unlimited fun. There are various water rides available here where you can have the best time of your lifetime. If you or any of your family members are scared of water, there are also dry rides here that are equally fun. We went for almost all the thrilling water rides and also captured amazing snaps on our phones to recall forever. This water theme park also has a fascinating waterfall which is one of the major charms of this place.

Dine at the Robot restaurant

Robot restaurant has recently opened in Chennai where three robot waitresses will serve you lip-smacking food. The restaurant started a few months ago and has been quite popular ever since. Because of the high crowd propensity, we did not initially plan to visit the place. However, my mother was so eager to visit the place that we had to change our plans and I am glad we did. As we entered the restaurant, we saw several Robo waitresses serving food to the customers on their predefined path. It was so exciting to watch them take orders and deliver food at the correct time that we were really impressed by the place. Although this place is a bit pricey, it is worth the experience that we had here.

With so many things to do with the family for a fun time, you cannot afford to miss out on these activities in Chennai. So, when you plan your next visit here, do check out these above-mentioned places and enjoy the “oh-so-beautiful” gateway to the city with your family. Also, make sure to book your return flight ticket in advance to avoid last minute hassles. In our case, I got the return tickets booked with Intermiles, as their website was offering an amazing deal on Chennai to Bangalore flights.

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