Betting Online: Why Mobile Apps Are Better

What To Look for When Considering to Place Bets with A Mobile App

Sports betting has been around for a long time and since its existence, it has always been quite a taboo subject. For a while, this has been an activity that not all people have access to. Back then, efforts had to be made to place one bet. People have to go to bookshops that are typically located near stadiums.

Today, the views of some people on sports betting are starting to change. More and more people are starting to enjoy this activity and this is all thanks to how accessible betting is. Some countries are moving towards sports betting legislation just like the United States which made it federally legal in 2018.

The internet has simply made this form of gambling so easy to access. In the last few years, people are also starting to get more comfortable transacting and placing their bets online. Generally, it is indeed safe to gamble online nowadays. The best online casinos prioritize the safety of their customers. You can check Dafabet, 10CRIC, Betway betting apps reviews from TheTopBookies to be sure that you’re downloading the right apps.

More on Mobile Betting

While the online betting scene is thriving, the mobile sector seems to be significantly driving the growth of the industry. One evidence is how the state of New Jersey is getting more revenues from the mobile market. The state would report monthly that around 80 to 90 percent of its sports betting handle is from the mobile sector.

You can tell that there is also a preference over this channel when it comes to betting if you take a look at how New York is now pushing for its legislation. New York has made sports betting legal in 2019 but only in-person betting was allowed. It took a pandemic for New York to realize that mobile betting can give them more revenue.

Even before the pandemic, New Yorkers are reported to have been riding the train so that they can place themselves within the borders of New Jersey and legally place their bets online with their smartphones. Governor Andrew Cuomo was initially not a fan of online betting in general but this has already changed and the state is already looking for a way to allow New Yorkers to bet online without having to leave.

Understandably, some places are still hesitant to allow mobile betting because of the risks that come with it. However, people are simply finding ways to place their bets online whether it’s done legally or not. This is especially the case for countries without progressive betting laws.

India, for example, is one of the promising online betting markets today. It has all the ingredients for a successful betting industry. The country has a huge population and the majority of them are online. India is also known for its love of sports particularly cricket.

While gambling is seen as illegal in the country, things are still in the grey area when it comes to online betting. The gambling laws in effect in India were implemented in 1864 and during this time, there was no internet and of course, it can’t prohibit online gambling. The Information Technology Act that regulates online activities in the country also has no mention of online betting.

What’s only prohibited in almost all states in India is local gambling operations. No law prohibits gambling companies outside the country from allowing Indians to place bets with them. And so, people there are placing their bets online on offshore casinos and bookies. Aside from the fact that India is missing out on betting revenues, the lack of regulation only promotes underground betting.

Now if India ever becomes lenient on its gambling laws, gambling companies will likely focus on the mobile market. India has over 744 million mobile users and around 370 million people would place their bets online. There’s no exact number as to how many would place their bets with their smartphones but knowing that India is a mobile country promises a stable mobile betting market.


Online betting is set to grow in the coming years and it’s clear that mobile is becoming the preferred channel. This is seen in how betting companies are shifting a lot of their focus on keeping their apps relevant. Why wouldn’t people bet on mobile apps, after all? Apps are more convenient because you get to see betting odds right away with just a few taps. Most betting apps also have plenty of useful features and with that, we can confidently say that mobile betting apps are here to stay.