Ways to Harness Third-Party Data Sources for Data Analytics

If you can tap into third-party data, you can uncover huge possibilities. Although it is not as simple as it may sound. So how to avoid getting lost and stuck in the web of data? You can do it by mastering the third-party data. Mastering it is very challenging and many strict privacy norms need to be followed. 

Data is growing every day and with it comes innumerable opportunities. The third-party data is complex to navigate and needs a proper strategy. 

Data Mining

Data Gaps

Internal data mining can generate cavities or gaps. This forces the companies to find a new way to gather the data sources to incorporate insights. These data sources are generally external data and include any information like historical demographics, weather, satellite images, etc. 

Micro Local Challenges 

 The modern era is formed by a technological ecosystem formed by chains of businesses. Every business of the chain is built off another chain formed by channel partners, regulators, suppliers, stakeholders, resellers, etc. These channels are affected by different factors like environment, economy, and politics. 

Business functions can be helped by the external data when under uncertainties. 

Data Risks

By analyzing third-party data, companies can predict the risks or even the opportunities that the company may encounter in certain environments. External data can help businesses determine how different factors can affect them on a macro or a micro level. Every business in this industry values the big data stored, created, and shared at an exponential speed.

Businesses can take away a lot by analyzing these third-party data. It helps them to grow and adapt to new factors. And this is why companies and businesses are willing to expand in the field of data analytics and Data Analytics course in Mumbai  by utilizing third-party data for their future gain. To know the best and utilize this data in the best way, training is a must. Data Analytics course in Mumbai can reduce the complexity of the whole process and allow businesses to make and collect external data in the best way. 

External Data can Bring Maximum Data Gain

As mentioned earlier, external data can uncover a lot of important information that goes unnoticed. This data can help a business with risk mitigation, targeted product, revenue streams, readiness, etc.

Let’s look at examples of how third-party data can benefit businesses:

  • Personalized marketing offers:

Customer Demographics, sub-groups of location, income, social media, and more. 

  • Employee Attrition

External data can help predict the employee attrition by analyzing social media like LinkedIn, job website feed. 

  • Agricultural produce

Weather, previous crop yield information, geolocation, and data, and more. 

External data brings benefits and challenges that every user has to own up to like the data availability and data access. 

Connecting External Data Sources

The process is very complex and brings challenges to every step. To access the external data, one needs to evaluate, procure, identify, and prepare external data, all in a proper way, consistent framework, and strategy. Businesses have to put in a lot to maintain a relationship with stakeholders and data partners to manage the data source and make use of it in the best way for their business. 

These are the ways by which external data is utilized:

  • Basic data services: Businesses can collaborate with data brokers. The data brokers collect data from various sources that are later offered in exchange for a payment. 
  • Smart data services: These services benefit by collecting live data and object tagging. 
  • Adaptive data services: These services allow access to surveys. These surveys help businesses in a huge way by presenting analytics for them to evaluate and identify. 

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