What are Cowhide carpets?

Cowhide carpets are the textured skin and hair of dairy animals that are made using either by the method of tanning or by the vegetable tanning process that is known for its environment friendly nature. The result is a delicate flooring option that holds the basic markings of the animal, and also are recolored to make amazing prints on it.

Where do Cowhide carpets come from?

Cowhide carpets are produced in countries having calfskin present. The world’s best makers of cowhide are China, India, Brazil, and the USA. Cowhide carpets are made dominatingly from cows raised as a major aspect of the dairy and meat industry. The skin then used to manufacture is sort of a waste product of the dairy and meat industry that if dumped can become an environmental hazard.

How are Cowhide carpets made?

There are many benefits of cowhide and hence they are selected over floor coverings and rugs are produced using different materials. Following are some of the perks of having selected cowhide carpets that you can cherish:

  • Hypoallergenic: cowhide carpets have a hypoallergenic quality which is one of a benefit of these carpets. Floor coverings and rugs are produced using different materials that help in trapping allergy causing elements such as dust residue and dander. Individuals suffering from allergies may experience the ill effects of different types of sensitivities. Cowhide carpets have seen to be appropriate for hypersensitivity endures. This does not mean that they do not catch allergens but what they do is trap them and allergy causing filaments are not spread in the indoor atmosphere. The cowhide carpets are also free from different types of synthetic materials, pesticides, and unstable natural mixes.
  • Simplicity of support: Another bit of leeway of cowhide carpets is that they are really easy and simple to keep up when looking at its maintenance. They can be wiped off without much of any efforts by dusting them outside. The dust and dirt can be cleaned with a brush. The simplicity of its maintenance helps in sparing a lot of effort and time which is usually spent on cleaning floor coverings produced using different materials. Even the amount spent on professional cleaners can be saved. Spills can be cleaned really quickly from these floor coverings without using different sorts of chemical cleaners which are usually used for cleaning rugs produced using different materials. Spills can be cleaned using just a simple wet cloth.
  • Sturdiness: Cowhide carpets are known for their durability. Carpets produced using different materials will usually wear after a specific time. When set in areas with heavy foot traffic they may begin to get dull, blurred, and worn out because of exposure to dirt and pressure constantly. Cowhide carpets are very strong and long-lasting, and can handle heavy foot traffic. They subsequently last longer than different kinds of carpets. Dairy animals’ skin consists of common oils that oppose the infiltration of different contaminants and fluids. This element ensures that the cowhide carpets look stylish for a long time.

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