What Are The Top Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips?

A well-functioning AC system has many benefits besides improving air quality. It enables us to save unwanted utility costs and has a long lifespan. It is possible to handle some typical AC maintenance tips as a homeowner, but you should contact a technician if the procedure is complex for quality home services. 

It will also help to be keen when carrying out these maintenance tips by following the safety precautions to avoid injury. Air conditioner Maintenance Fort Worth is cheap and you should consider it. Let us dive right into the best air conditioning tips. 

  • Clean or Change the Filters 

It will help to clean or change your filters often as the primary air conditioner maintenance tip. You can start by changing the pleated filters monthly to get fresher air. Remember, filters need extra attention if used frequently or located in dusty places. 

The air filter is found in the following places;

  • Behind the air grille
  • In the furnace’s top or bottom
  • In the blower compartment. 

Airflow decreases when the air filter is filled with dust or other particles, making the system harder than usual. It might also make air passing via your system dirty and clogged. 

  • Check the Thermostat 

This is the easiest AC maintenance tip. It will help to examine the thermostat to make sure it is working correctly to give your home the right temperature. Also, consider upgrading to smart thermostats if you have an old one to enjoy its benefits. 

Smart thermostats let you set higher temperatures when home alone and do not shut down the conditioner. These thermostats can also cool the house at least forty minutes before your guests arrive. 

These thermostats ensure you save money and always have a comfortable house. 

  • Clean the Exterior Unit 

Leaves and dirt accumulate in the AC unit with time, lowering its ability to reduce airflow, making exterior cleaning necessary. You should start first by shutting off the power unit at the service connector and eliminating debris using a garden hose for better air. 

Avoid using power washers to avoid unit damage and ensure you do not damage the coil fins. Also, ensure the aluminum cooling is straight on the AC’s compressor to keep it at its optimum condition. 

Ensure you trim plants or shrubs when making minor repairs for better air quality. 

  • Check Components and Wiring

The AC has internal connections that are vital for optimum performance. It will help to check them at least twice a year since they could increase your bills due to insufficient cooling. 

Start by looking for overheating signs at the panel after turning off the unit’s power. You can also ensure all electrical connections are tight for better air quality. 

  • Check the Unit Fan 

The AC cannot cool your home if its fan blades are in inappropriate shape, meaning you should know their condition. You can achieve this by turning the air conditioner off to ensure the unit is in its correct state.

Final Thoughts

The AC system is integral in all homes, and homeowners should conduct specific maintenance tips. The above article has discussed the top air conditioner maintenance tips, but you can find more online. 


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