What Does a Building Survey Tell Homebuyers?

A Building Survey is normally required if your property is older than the 1960 s or if it is of less than average age, is of unusual architecture or if you are in need of a more bespoke survey. If you have an interest in either of these options then you should find it useful to educate yourself about the buildings you have in mind and where to search for them. Building Surveys are very detailed and require a great deal of effort on your behalf to complete. This is because they are sensitive and detailed work and require the information to be accurate. Employ this Building Survey Chelmsford based company to help you.

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There are three broad types of building surveys: property condition surveys, curb level surveys, and facade surveys. Property condition surveys are mainly carried out to assess the condition of a particular property in accordance with the most recent construction plans. Curb level surveys are usually carried out to assess the state of your home and the condition of any external walls. Facade surveys are normally carried out to assess the quality and strength of the external wall.

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The construction industry is constantly innovating new ways of conducting building surveys and this often means that previous surveys will not be as detailed or complete as modern ones. Before you hire a building surveyor however, there are several things you can do to ensure that you get value for money from your investment. For example, you should always request a copy of the previous valuation to check the accuracy of the new cost. In addition you should also request a copy of any agreed repairs that have been carried out and ask the Surveyor to put these into their report along with their suggested costs. You should never sign anything without first reading the Building Surveyor’s report and in any case if a Surveyor informs you that the suggested repairs cannot be carried out then you should seriously consider taking your business elsewhere.

The first stage of hiring a Building Surveyor is usually to carry out a full building survey, identifying all defects and problems with the property. After the full building survey has been carried out, a Surveyor will be able to give a full cost estimate of the costs involved in carrying out the repairs. Building surveys are usually a comprehensive process and are aimed at identifying all defects with the property, providing a true picture of the condition of the building and giving the client a fair indication of what future maintenance costs could be. These surveys are therefore regarded as being extremely important when it comes to determining the overall value of a property.

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