What is a floor plan and how it helps you design the space?

A simple floor plan can help an interior designer to renovate and decorate an interior project without any error. You may think you can find some easy tools on the Web, but most of them are excessive for a floor plan. Fortunately, there are a variety of easy-to-use online tools to help you design simple projects. Good floor plan software will allow you to create some very sophisticated renderings with elevation drawings and 3D views.

But what if you just need a general idea? In that case, you don’t really need high-powered software just to draw those shapes and lines. Using free online apps and tools, you can create a simple floor plan and share your plan on social networks. Some tools allow you to collaborate with family and friends by providing an online page that everyone can edit.

But after all, what is a floor plan?

Floor Plan is the name given to the schematic technical drawing of a future construction that takes place from an imaginary horizontal cut at a height of 1.50 m from the floor. It is a kind of diagram, containing the spaces specified by use (rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and etc.,) and their access and circulation (doors, windows and corridors), as if we were looking from above, obviously without the covering (slab or roof).

Why 1.50m?

This is the height that the section would imagine to capture the openings of the openings, such as the doors, and especially the windows to be seen and represented in plan. From the floor plan, we can visualize the space to be inhabited and understand how the new construction will take place in a minimal way. It is the moment when the project begins to take shape and it is already possible to visualize its occupation in relation to the land.


Every good designer must know how to work with scales so that the floor plan comes out with its proportions and correct measurements. We initially started with the scale 1: 100 for studies and preliminary projects, and then we increased the scale to 1:50 for projects that require more details of representation such as executive projects. Important: Every floor plan must indicate the scale used by the designer. At first you can get details on how to work with Architectural Design Scales. It is important that you master this subject in order to be able to develop a floor plan correctly and efficiently.

Does the project end on the floor plan?

The floor plan is the first design to be developed to give shape to an idea. It is from there that it becomes possible to create the other basic architectural drawings, such as the cuts (transversal and longitudinal), facades or elevations, implantation, coverage and the volume (physical or 3D model), etc.

For better visualization and understanding of a project, in addition to the floor plan, the designer must develop the other drawings, especially the model. This will show the idea represented in the XY plane of the plan and section, in other words, 2D, in a three-dimensional way. It is important to know how to design, also know how to develop models, whether physical or electronic, as everything will contribute to the final understanding of the project.

Last and effective tip

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