What is the job of a planning professional?

Like our clients, as everybody, end up being more conscious of each cent they spent, we are asked often, such as what do you DO as well as what value can you include in my job? In looking to respond to this, I have looked to distill the duty into a few vital areas Planning Consultancy in Kent deals with:

  • STRATEGY and KNOWLEDGE: We comprehend the preparation system as a whole as well as where all the different policy/documents and support being in the “pecking order.” Or, in preparing terms, “how much weight” each must be given up assessing a system proposal. We are also planners, since we recognize the procedure, regulation as well as larger influencing elements, we can tailor the approach accordingly, to reflect your ambitions.

  • OBSTACLE: We challenge the way in which an LPA uses preparing policy. In times of budget plan cuts as well as austerity, local authorities are typically under-resourced and not able to follow the constant changes emerging from allure as well as high court decisions, adjustments in guidance from the federal government, and modifications to allowed growth civil liberties. We make it our top priority to be in the know, as well as aware of these shifts and adjustments, as well as have been positive in our ongoing harnessing of preparing technology to better allow this.

  • EQUILIBRIUM: Preparation decisions are all an issue of equilibrium, balancing the injury against the benefits with reference to take on the policy. We are here to tease out the benefits of your proposition, guarantee the essential technical sustaining reports, as well as strategies, are offered, and offer the proposition holistically to the LPA, setting out why it ought to be approved permission in the round. We strive to establish contact with preparing officers and build connections, rather than taking an adversarial approach, which can usually do more damage than good.

  • CONNECT: From communicating with appropriate stakeholders at the public examination to interacting your task vision to the situation policeman to interacting the pertinent preparation validations, as well as how the proposed development satisfies the essential needs, quality in interaction is a vital part of our function.