Where does the French bulldog come from?

The origins of the French bulldog are not entirely clear, but it is very likely that they come from several crosses between English bulldogs and various terriers that caused their size to decrease a bit. In 1898 the breed standard was finally set. In its beginnings, the French bulldog was a dog of butchers and drivers but it made a leap to fame thanks to its peculiar appearance and became the fashionable dog among high society and the most bohemian environments.

Character and behavior

Our little friends, the French bulldogs, have earned the label of companion dogs. Despite their reputation for being grumpy, they are affectionate, playful and very friendly. That is why they are ideal for dealing with children and the elderly, who are those who have more free time since this breed demands a lot of company. Either way, it is important to instill socialization from puppies so that they do not become shy as adults.

One of the problems that this breed can experience in their behavior is that of separation anxiety precisely because of the demand for company they need. And what consequences does this anxiety have? If he stays alone too long he can destroy the house.

Health and care

Your French bulldog will adapt perfectly to life in a flat or apartment since his physical activity needs are low. Because as we already mentioned, they need to be accompanied as long as possible. He likes to play very much but gets tired quickly, even so you have to take him out at least once a day and give him a walk of moderate intensity to stimulate him and socialize.

The Frenchie dog is not a good swimmer either, so you will have to be a watchman when you are near the water, its head weighs more than its body and it could drown. So teaching him to swim should not be in your training plans.

What are these diseases?

An essential aspect of the Pug is the diseases that they can develop due to the peculiarity of their flattened snout. The most frequent are: digestive diseases, cardio-respiratory diseases or bone diseases. Therefore, it is not advisable to force your French bulldog to do high intensity exercise because it can easily give him heat stroke. And to ensure their health, you should not miss visiting the Veterinary Clinics near you from time to time to update the health of your bulldog.

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