Why Should You Prefer Civil Service Rather Than Private Jobs?

Right after you step out of the gates of your school, your journey for your future begins. You start planning in the way you want to see yourself in the future. Of all professions, many prefer choosing the IAS or the UPSC for definite reasons. Unfortunately, many do not succeed till the executive chair of an IAS officer. As a result, they land up in private jobs because somehow or the other, you have to survive. 

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But, before you look for UPSC coaching, take a look at the benefits of preferring civil service rather than landing in a private job. 

  • Preparation journey 

When you are preparing for the IAS exam, you are not sure at all whether you will be able to crack the civil service exam or not. In a way, a lot of risks is involved. But if you keep aside the risk factor, you will see that you learn a lot. UPSC syllabus and the way you need to study for the civil service exam prepare you for life. 

  • Perks and benefits 

All know that an IAS officer’s number of benefits is nothing compared to what you get in a private job. Being a civil servant, the government takes good care of you and your family. Starting from a lavish residence to house help, medical facilities, educational benefits, accessible transportation, everything is offered by the government. 

  • You are considered an asset to your nation 

If you look into the corporate world, you will be depressed to know that the humans working there turn to machines working for the organization. The employees in a corporate concern run from one assignment to another to finish their projects soon. Also, a corporate world does not give you the guarantee of lifetime employment. They can throw you anytime they feel like it. On the other hand, in the civil service, you can maintain a work-life balance. Also, the amount of respect that you get from society is unparalleled.  

  • Allows you to learn a lot 

Working as a civil servant means you get to learn a lot. This is because the several projects you get to work on give you a new experience, and therefore, you know something new each day. Moreover, handling different projects means you have to gather the courage to take up brave decisions for the betterment of society. If all these do not give you new learning, what else will! 

  • Experience and education 

If you have a knack for studying or acquiring degrees in some other subjects, you can do it along with your full-time civil service job. You can join the world’s best universities by being a representative of your nation. Also, civil service allows you to travel to other countries. 

  • Satisfaction 

Job satisfaction is one of the vital factors important to sustain for a lifetime in a job. If you are not satisfied with your work, it will be impossible for you to remain there for a long time. In private concerns, you may be happy with money, but you don’t have any for having your family time. The private concerns drain you completely. On the contrary, in the civil service, you can maintain a work-life balance without compromising on any of the ends. 


Therefore, no matter what you do, choosing a career option should always be satisfactory to you. If you want to be happy in the long run and make time for your family and friends besides your job, working hard for the UPSC is worth it.