The Most Common Split Air Conditioner Problems and Their Resolution

Summers in tropical countries can be very humid and harsh. This is why air conditioners have found their place in every home. Before the arrival of summers, we all call the aircon service repair agency to get our air conditioners serviced and fix any issues so that we can enjoy the cool air when it gets unbearable outside.

There are however many instances when air conditioners fail to function especially during the peak of summers. These problems can be avoided if regular maintenance is given to our appliance. Split air conditioners are also susceptible to breakdowns similar to the window AC and have their share of problems.

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Problems concerning split air conditioners

1.   Inefficient cooling:

  • Although split AC is very efficient in bringing the room temperature down very quickly, sometimes they fail to do so.
  • First, check if the thermostat is at the right settings which should be ideally 5-6 degrees lower than your indoor temperature.
  • After changing the settings, wait for about 15 minutes and recheck for cooling.
  • If the thermostat is not the problem, try cleaning out the air filter and this should do the trick.
  • Despite these hacks, if the split AC does not cool efficiently, call a professional to check gas leakage.

2.   Either the fan is not working or the AC does not turn on completely:

  • Two main reasons for the fan not working are ice deposition on the coils or tripping of the circuit breaker.
  • If circuit breakage is not the problem, you need to call professionals to get the problem with the fan or internal wiring of your AC checked and resolved.

3.   Formation of coils near the evaporator coils:

  • Ice formation reduces the efficiency of the air conditioners.
  • To prevent this from happening, clean the air filters monthly.
  • If this does not solve the problem, take expert advice.

4.   Growth of molds:

  • Split AC provides a perfect humid environment for fungi to grow.
  • To prevent this, you should regularly call professional aircon service providers for its cleaning and servicing.

5.   Dust accumulation on outdoor unit:

  • This prevents the proper exchange of indoor air.
  • High-pressure water can be used to clean this debris or we need professional service providers to do it for us.

6.   Leakage of gas:

  • The refrigerant is responsible for absorbing the heat and along with the compressor conditioning the heat to give the desired cooling.
  • If this fluid is leaking, we need to seal the problematic area and refill the fluid to get back the AC to its efficiency levels.

For the latest offers and information regarding new technologies developed to manufacture high-quality air conditioners, you can follow Airconservicing.org on their Twitter account. Lastly, do not forget to invest in regular servicing of the appliance to expand its longevity.