Why You Should Transcribe Your Online Videos

Have you got video content that you would like to transcribe? Doing this yourself can be a very lengthy process, so you should consider using a professional transcriber. We have some commonly asked questions and their answers to help you understand.

What is video transcription?

Video transcription is where you get a clear, written document of the words spoken in the audio of your video. Usually typed into a text format. For example, video group calls are done for market research transcriptions, or a Youtube video can be transcribed for your channel.

Why get video transcriptions?

Video transcriptions can be made for many different platforms, and can be made in a variety of formats. They can be used for online video streaming, e-learning software, webinars, alongside Youtube video uploads, films, and TV shows as subtitles.

People are increasingly watching video content online, it is the media format which catches the most attention, so it can be very valuable to use transcriptions to aid this. It makes the content you produce more understandable and accessible to people – helping you to potentially reach a wider audience.

A video transcript is great for people who want to watch your video without playing the sound. It can also be of value to those who have a hearing impairment, or people who speak a different first language.

What are the benefits of using video transcription?

  • Boosting SEO (search engine optimisation)

    Including a typed transcription lets search engines know more about what your video content includes. Key terms within the text will be picked up, allowing your video to show up in search results. This increases the likelihood of the page ranking higher on search results too.

    A video and title alone on a webpage lacks little SEO north wales benefit. Search engine spiders need to ‘crawl’ the web page to try and figure out what is being spoken about. Test is easier for the internet to understand, so search engines get better clarity with this.

  • Improved content accessibility

    When you have a transcript with your videos, people with hearing impairments can read alongside the video, or watch the video after reading it, or vice-versa. Using a transcript, you could even choose to make subtitles for the video.

  • Encouraging viewing anywhere

    Many people scroll through the internet without their sound on, it can be more of a relaxing way to consume content. However, this can strip away lots of the information in a video. With a transcription, the viewer can still access this information with a lower sensory experience.

    Text requires far less internet that video does too, so for those browsing on mobile data, a transcription may be more favourable.

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