What are the top jobs you can do in Australia with a PR Course certificate?

If you’re intending to start a career, living with a student visa australia, remain positive and get trained with any of the popular PR courses that allow most students permanent recruitment after the course.

Know about the top jobs you can do in Australia with a PR Course certificate—


If you have a knack for fixing electrical appliances or installing the electrical boards and switches in your house, you can take it as a career. You don’t need formal education for becoming an electrician. In fact, by attending a training centre, you can brush up your skills and know a few things more about the technical stuff before your kick start your money-making career.

Initially, you can apply for the job of a trainee, and gradually you can start working on your own.

Computer Hardware and Network support specialist 

Becoming computer hardware and networking professional can be very lucrative. They also belong to the utility these days. By proving your excellent skills, you can get more and more work opportunities from offices and factories where they use loads of computers. You can form a team with some efficient men and start your own business.

Construction supervisors 

You don’t need any formal degree for becoming a construction supervisor. The builders want dedicated, hardworking and smart members in their teams to monitor the construction job. With the growing experience, you can start earning handsome and get more recommendations for the next jobs. Enrol in a course of Diploma of Engineering- Advanced Trade for acing your abilities in this field if you have a special intricacy towards this field.

Limousine driver

The luxury car rental companies are always looking for efficient drivers for their luxury limos and other vehicles. You can enrol your name as a driver of the limos and start earning. Without any formal education, you can start earning well by driving the newlyweds or the business clans visiting the towns for conferences etc. All they want is a valid driving license and outstanding driving skills.

These are some excellent jobs you can do without a degree.