Working of Waterpik Whitening Tablets

Often, people are conscious of smiling because of their stained teeth. However, they believe that others will make fun of their yellowish stained teeth and abstain from smiling brightly. Gone are the days when tooth discoloration was a severe problem that led people to hide their teeth and stop smiling. The waterpik whitening tablets have come up that remove the leftover food particles from between the tooth and impart a radiant smile.

What are Waterpik whitening tablets?

Also known as oral irrigators or dental water jets, the waterpik whitening tablets are flossers which when introduced into the mouth, sprays water inside the mouth to remove the leftover food particles from between the teeth. As the dentists say, due to these leftover food particles, one suffers from a bad breath or stains the tooth. People who want to get rid of bad breath and are not comfortable with traditional flossing (using string-like material to be inserted between the teeth to take out the food particles) can use the waterpik whitening tablets.

How to use it?

First and foremost, do not consider a water flosser as a substitute for a toothbrush. Besides using the Waterpik whitening tablets, one must brush twice daily. This whitening tablet can be used before or after brushing. The Waterpik flosser has a small reservoir that needs to be filled with the Waterpik whitening tablet and lukewarm water. Then, the tip of the flosser has to be inserted into the mouth. For preventing the lathering residue from dropping and creating a mess, lean over the sink and continue flossing for two minutes.

While cleaning the teeth, the flosser must be held at a 90-degree angle to your teeth. As soon as you start spraying, the water gushes out at great speed and hits the nooks and corners of the gums to eliminate the residual food particles. Start this process from the back of your mouth and then gradually proceed forward. Do not miss out on the gum line, the top portion of the tooth, and the spaces between each tooth.

The whole process does not take more than two minutes. After completing flossing, empty the reservoir of the flosser to prevent the growth of bacteria inside. Since the bristles of a toothbrush fail to take out the tiny food particles that often get stuck in between the teeth, Waterpik has come up with an innovative flosser. Besides removing the food stuck between the teeth before forming plagues, flossing reduces gum bleeding and pain.

Benefits of using Waterpik

Using a Waterpik flosser is much easier than using the traditional flossers as the former gets in the hard-to-reach areas to clean the mouth, gums, and in between the teeth thoroughly. Also, Waterpik flossers clean in between regions inside the mouth that are tightly spaced. When using a Waterpik for the first time, it should be remembered that its tip should be placed in the mouth before switching on the unit.


Therefore, to maintain good dental hygiene, one can use Waterpik whitening tablets daily and notice the difference in a month. Likewise, include flossing along with regular brushing and see the difference.